05 June, 2009

"Hey y'all . . . what'd I miss?"

Oh my, it is so nice to sit quietly for a few minutes.  Between the design work, several client meetings, a charity event, and a few dinner parties - it's been a crazy week . . . lol.  But finally I can relax and enjoy my favourite blogging friends.  So . . . . what's been going on whilst I was away . . .

I see that Grant is home from Italy . . . with a flurry of beautiful images to share.  Oh, and I can see that he's been making a few wishes as well.

Mrs. Blandings, once again, has a array of amazing images celebrating wonderful design.

Oooooo . . . the ever chic India Hicks stopped by to chat with Ronda at "All the Best."

And James Andrew has gone on Safari - right in the middle of New York.  and very stylish as always!

Social Primer is on his ever vigilant task of keeping us on our best manners.

And a 'hometown' view on the Washington Monument over at ArchitectDesign.

And here's a new favourite that I discovered just this afternoon.  Clearly amazing.

Ah . . . . it is SO nice to be back home . . . and surrounded by you sweet souls and your unending inspiration.

and me?  I'm looking forward to my weekend.  Maybe (or definitely) a bootcamp workout in the morning . . . dinner with friends tomorrow evening . . . and hopefully some flea market finds on Sunday.



ArchitectDesign™ said...

thanks for the shoutout, my favorite Scot! Glad you're back with us :-)

Meade Design Group said...

Glad you are back! Mr.

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