17 June, 2009

"Before . . . "

Good evening all,

I'm sure we're all busy salivating over the most recent publication from House Beautiful. I love that wonderful apartment by the ever-groovy and stylish Miles Redd. But, easily my favourite article is the "One Day Makeover." Jonathan Rosen so clearly exhibits the great power of careful styling, editing, and having a 'fresh eye.'

The complete transformation, step-by-step, is available here, but if you want to cheat and cut straight to the big reveal - simply scroll down . . .

are you sure your ready for this . . . . .

Bright, Balanced, Beautiful

Jonathan's top 10 for a one-day makeover

1. Mantel: Make it a focal point.

2. Artwork: Look for pairs, trios, and groupings.

3. Lamps: Evenly distributed, and don't forget dimmers.

4. Rug: Use it to define a seating area.

5. Pillows and Throws: Bring in more layers of color and texture.

6. End tables: Think of every surface as a potential tablescape.

7. Bookcases: A showcase for objects as well as books.

8. Mirrors: More light!

9. Ottomans or Stools: Versatile extra seating.

10. Plants: Every room needs a touch of green.

My overwhelming goal is to survive just one more day of the somewhat gruesome week I'm working through. I was eye-opening to see how much activity there is in the little neighbourhood by my office at 7am in the morning . . . lol.

Early to bed . . .


Mrs. Blandings said...

I loved this feature - even with those tiny images. It was also great to see that not everything "worked." Good to know that it's sometimes trial and error even with professionals. Plus, it wasn't tragic before but was SO much better after.

Scot Meacham Wood said...

I have a fairly firm rule that clients are never home when I'm styling their house - 'cause all that experimentation is my favourite part, but it drives clients crazy . . . lol.

columnist said...

These 10 tips are just spot on!

Alicia said...

It never fails me how many people have not even one rule down. When I go into stage a home my biggest peeve is the one small picture questionably adrift, too high or dead center on a massive empty wall or over a big piece of furniture. Then again if I give them all the rules...they wouldnt need me...so torn....

Michelle said...

Exactly; on photo day, I get the clients to leave, come back, and I have prices under everything. Give them overnight to think about it, and pick up the stuff they don't want the next day.

Someone once put it "you would never taste a recipe half cooked"

I laughed, because I often re-arrange rooms in my head as I sit. It's a sickness.

Scot Meacham Wood said...

Michelle -

There are friends in my life who say "Oh, I could never have you over to the house, I'd be so embarrassed by my home."

and I always assure them, I never "go into design mode" or "re-arrange their furniture." I just love seeing my friends . . .

But, I DO often pretend that *I* live there and arrange MY furniture in the space.

that's a sickness. lol.

Unknown said...

scot, i'm with you. i *never* do an installation with clients around- i prefer them to be out of town, far away from the madness- they would be horrified at my process! that floorplan that was the bible for the entire scheme? out the window, as i try every possible combination (yet 98% percent of the time return to exactly to "as drawn" in the end).

and to alicia, who commented, "Then again if I give them all the rules...they wouldnt need me..." trust me, they still need us, even given all the rules- thank god what we do is an art, not a science! that's what keeps us employed!

Scot Meacham Wood said...

M21 - that always reminds me of the algebraic equation for proper chandelier placement - which I always use - but, then I also always order a couple extra links of chain, 'cause you always need to play with it once it actually in the space.

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