01 February, 2009

"The To-Do List . . . "

Good Morning Faithful Reader,

Let's say you have a few 'projects' that need to be done around the house. You've been meaning to, maybe, replace the light sconce in the bathroom, or re-finish the perfect (almost) desk that you found for a 'steal,' and sometimes it's a easy as - - - "We should put some fresh flowers in the planters outside." For some reason, they never seem to get done.

Okay, here's what you do. Pick a date. Maybe 7 or 10 days in the future. Invite 6 people over for dinner. A serious dinner. With a fancy dessert. It will be shocking what you'll be able to do in the intervening week and a half.

For those of you who are more daring and want the truly advanced version of this, (and this is only for the most brave amongst you), schedule a photo shoot of your home. I've been up since 6am . . . and I've already reupholstered a chair.

on task,


LadyeLisa said...

You are absolutely right about this tactic . . . which is why we haven't had people over is ages! More's the pity.

Anonymous said...

you ARE a brave soul. When is the photo shoot supposed to be ?


Renee Finberg said...

i like you .
you are funny .
i like 'funny ' the most!!!

i just see the reupholstering ...

thanks for coming by today.

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