22 February, 2009

"Presenting . . . "

Good morning,

After several days of re-painting, re-organizing, and re-lighting - here's the new linen closet. The closet is on the 'dark' end of my entry gallery, and being able to see its contents has always proved to be a problem. With the addition of the brass gallery lights, the bedding, bath, and table linens are now much easier to find.

The top shelf holds my various table linens, including my collection of sterling and antique tartanware napkin rings.

All the bedding fits nicely on the bottom shelf - ready to be pressed and enjoyed.

And the "towel and bath" things have a new home as well.

The new closet also means I have a particular place for all my extra hostess gifts (for those last minute invitations) and wrap/ribbon (for the aforementioned last minute gifts), as well as all of the cleaning supplies (grouped by use) now stored in containers on the bottom.

I guess the real test will be . . . does it still look this way in a month? lol.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


GrannySmithGreen said...

Stop it! It looks so good!

Why no "before" photo? Ha!

Now I'm off to chant the mantra: I think I can. I think I can. I think I can!!! -and attack my "Monica"!

I should have the SPA up and running tomorrow. You'll have to come by for a "treatment" or two!

ArchitectDesign said...

It looks fantastic! I keep putting off reorganizing my closet, ugh. Maybe I should just move instead LOL

tartanscot said...


it always seems to me that you can't do any re-organizing work until you're ready . . . and then it's amazing what you can get done. I just felt like getting rid of some junk and *clearly* got carried away with it.

and don't beat yourself up too much. lol. and, don't move (!), from what I've seen you have an incredibly lovely home.

michelle said...

I love your closet! The fact that all of your sheets and towels are the same is so exciting. I need help. LOL

kathleen said...

I'm having a linen closet built into a niche off of the bedroom and bath. I hadn't even thought of lighting for it, until I read your blog.

Your linen closet is lovely. I think you'll keep it looking that way.

tartanscot said...


I'm a big proponent of all white bedding and towels. It never fails, if I buy beautiful patterned bedding - I always seem to only use the white bedding (maybe with a interesting patterned edge!)

and monogrammed white towels are a big favourite of mine.

tartanscot said...


thank you for the kind words! Let me know what you decide for your new closet. ahhhh . . . the thought of a new closet space fills me with glee. lol.

vicki archer said...

This puts me to shame! I love having a little stash of hostess goodies too, xv.

red ticking said...

ok, how much i do admire your closet?? this is lovely...

and ...do i have sheets for you!!! matteo white vintage washed linen.... you will absolutely LOVE them...if you need a cutting i will send you one... i have slept on wonderful cotton my whole life until now.
pleasant dreams...

Scott Fazzini said...

You've got to be kidding.... I'm going to have dreams about this tonight!

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