"Another piece of Pye . . . "

Good afternoon,

I trust that everyone is having a productive and/or relaxing weekend thus far. I ran across this image again the other day (actually looking for something else) and it, once again, took my breath away.

I can clearly recall seeing Roger Banks-Pye's delicious apartment for the first time. So clever. So detailed. So remarkable. SO inspiring. I remember flipping through (maybe it was House Beautiful?) enumerable times trying to emblazon each image in my mind. It *still* inspires me.

One of my all-time favourites was this bedroom. At its most simple description, it's just a riot of pattern within a very tight colour story. But look again at the balance/contrast of the patterns in the space, at the play of textures and finishes. Good grief, the man varnished textile onto the floor instead of using any other kind of floor treatment. Varnished textile on the floor! Seriously! It's genius, pure and simple . . . and complicated, and lush, and cozy, and everything to which I aspire.

off to another rehearsal,


Apparently he liked to design beds in a similar way to the chairs he selected. They look like you would be enveloped in them. Despite this room being just beautiful, it speaks of comfort and warmth. Isn't that what a REAL room should feel like anyway?

Hope your rehearsal went well.
LadyeLisa said…
OMG . . . I love this room!!!

The blues with the light wood furnishings, the various patterns in the same blues, the great little chair . . . mmmm!

I've always loved beds that envelope you . . . and supply the warmth and comfort needed for gentle slumber.

and it's pretty! lol.

it's a perennial favourite of mine. one of these crazy days, I'm gonna varnish textile on the floor. lol.
Dear Tartanscot, 1. Thank you for your lovely comment! 2. Your blog rocks as well, as I am especially partial to tartan (see my 1/15 post, "Thistles and Pistols." 3. I can't wait to keep checking back in...!
just added you to my favorites...I can already tell, you and I are going to become friends.
My Notting Hill said…
Hi. I've just tagged you on my post today, if you're interested. I understand if you're tagged-out. Michele
He was a favourite. I miss him!

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