05 November, 2013

"Breaking News . . . "


Well . . . after what seemed like weeks and weeks of preparations . . . the website at SMWDesign has gone through a marvelous little update.  We just launched yesterday morning.

You can find complete images from our extensive project in Berkeley (you've already seen a bit from the behind the scenes here - and here.)  And after seeing a bit of our work in the Piedmont Hills here - you can enjoy a few more rooms from the house.

We're also delighted to share this beautiful home in Woodside, CA.  After two years of work - it's great to be able to show the results of such a fun collaboration.

And, of course, just to keep things lively - there's always our splashy room from the 2013 Peninsula Volunteer's Showcase House.  I bet you didn't know there was this much pink and green in my vocabulary!

So, take a gander at some of our most recent homes and click "view project" for a look at the complete portfolio . . .  and watch this space for more exciting news in the next few weeks.



Virginia Country House said...

Scot, Simply wonderful design. I enjoyed looking through your recent projects with my coffee this morning and feel so inspired. Lovely! And congratulations on your snazzy new website. xo, NG

Lori said...

The site is fantastic! Of course so are the projects:) I loved the Q & A and the "Favorites" as well. I'm in the middle of developing a website, so you have my sympathies. It's like birthing a baby without the fun prelude!

Lisa Mende said...

Love it! Hoping to roll my out soon!!!!

Karen said...

Congratulations and thank you, it's so much fun for me to see your work. I love your style and now I can study it and learn from it.

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