"SMW in House Beautiful . . . "

(Photography by Thayer Gowdy, for House Beautiful)


There are those moments that you seem to practice for your entire life.  Singing into your hairbrush in front of the mirror.  Practicing the "thank yous" for your Oscar speech.  And writing the words . . .

"I'm delighted to announce our upcoming editorial in the December issue of House Beautiful."

(Photography by Thayer Gowdy, for House Beautiful)

(Photography by Thayer Gowdy, for House Beautiful)
(Photography by Thayer Gowdy, for House Beautiful)

The online version launched a few days ago (if you'd like a sneak preview) . . . or you can do what I'm doing - and rush to the mailbox with delirious excitement.  



Congratulations! Can't wait to see it :-) You're just like Charlotte in SATC -always wanting to be in House Beautiful (except she was House & Gardens which is sadly passed)
Unknown said…
So happy for you, Scot! Your room looks incredible- anticipating the rest in House Beautiful. Love the way you layer the space. So British!
katiedid said…
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I can hardly wait to get my copy! Could not happen to a better guy.
Congratulations, Scot! Well deserved!! Your work is stunning.
Congratulations! That is just so fantastic, I can only imagine how thrilled you are. I always love seeing what you do, and this will be amazing. In the image here, your walls look lighter -- did you repaint or is it just the lighting? I always thought it was navy.
Thanks everyone! We're clearly incredibly excited about the upcoming issue.

Habitually Chic said…
Congratulations! Can't wait to get my copy now!
Such wonderful news! Congratulations! And now, we know that you play the organ and piano. So much talent for one person.

I've always loved your oversized paintings so much. My husband has a giclee print business that has the capability of large format prints on canvas. I've been telling him I want a large painting or photograph the size of yours, to hang on my wall! You have such beautiful ideas.
Jennifer said…
Congratulations Scot, your place is so beautifully layered and has such a comfortable feeling to it! It's the kind of place I could see myself living in, the true test for me! Great job!
So happy for you, Scot! As a fellow designer, I know how pleased this must make you. :) Your home is beautiful!
Karen said…
Congratulations! I can hardly wait for my issue to arrive.
I loved the preview and love each and every room they're sharing.
Congratulations Scott, I will be looking out for this issue in NZ. Fantastic rooms, I love the sitting room and that painting is amazing, it works fabulously.

Lee :)
GrantDillon.com said…
Bravo and cheers Scot. Good taste, classic style and a keen eye always speak chic.
Alie said…
Congratulations! It is indeed an inspirational abode.

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