13 November, 2013

"Scoring Design . . . "


There's always a fine line around these parts.  One always wishes to be chic . . . but, not trendy.  Current . . . but, not *so* current that you're faced with the unenviable fear of looking dated in a month.  

As I review the design world that exists outside of our own little offices here in San Francisco - there seems to be a certain amount of debate on the (at times) very touchy subject of wallpaper.  As I said, these conversations always seem to be happening outside of our office . . . 'cause here inside our walls . . . we LOVE wallpaper.  

I often think about designing space in term of symphonic construction.  Writing a musical score with the perfect balance of colours and shapes - just like instruments and melodies.  Not everything needs to be blasting trumpets and clashing cymbals.  Sometimes I'm looking for a cello.  Or a Bassoon.  For those situations . . . we need a simpler note.  Not a print.  Not another pattern.  But, just some depth.  Some contrast.   And one of our long-time favourites is the amazing papers from Phillip Jeffries.  

We've been working on a little update to our website - and so have been reviewing most every image in the portfolios from our projects . . . and these classic, and sometimes dramatic, wall coverings keep coming into view.

Peruse a few of our favourites . . .

A simple grasscloth lends texture and warmth to the space. It also highlights the woodwork
by giving the sturdy white mouldings something to play off of. 

3483-B Island Raffia in Bermuda Grey

The papered ceiling wraps this master bedroom with a sense of calm. 

#3501 Japanese Paper Weave in Latte

The textured paper helps to soften some of the formality of this living room. 

#3423 Manila Hemp in Wheat

For me, nothing feels more restful than this bedroom - wrapped in chocolate silk paper. 

#3806 Japanese Silky String in Tiger's Eye

And here we used paper to highlight the existing architecture, creating 
the "negative space" to balance the view of the outside.

#3442 Manila Hemp in Camel
For those more interested in patterned and printed wallpaper . . . stay tuned.  There's always more to come.



Haute Indoor Couture said...

The only thing I love more than wallpaper is textured wallpaper. Gorgeous spaces here!

cindy hattersley design said...

I am not always a huge fan of paper but I do love textured paper! Great post!

Merlin said...

I'm definitely in the wallpaper corner. franki

mrs. V | Chez V said...

Gorgeous. Love love the bedroom with the chocolate silk paper. A lovely cocoon. Just did my bedroom in a dark enveloping color and it is so restful! You oughta take a peak over at Chez V. I think you will likey. Just sayin. ;)

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