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Drumroll . . . . . I'm pleased to announce a three-part lecture series featuring yours truly - speaking about the experience of interior design - from end to beginning.  In July, we'll start things off with new and exciting ideas for marketing completed projects. In August we'll have an in depth discussion about the experience of being your client - from their point of view.  And in September, we'll end at the very beginning - as I share the method of my creative process.

If you are in the Bay Area - check your calendars - and please join me!

Details are below . . .

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Session 2
Session 3
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Karena said…
Hi Scot, this will be a great experience. I wish I could BE there!
No doubt there will be a lot of great advice!

Art by Karena
What an exciting series. You are such a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. (Great picture BTW.)
This is when living in New Zealand is most definitely a disadvantage, I would have loved to have attended these workshops.

I wish you well with them Scott.

Linda Pakravan said…
Maybe you can take this on the road....to Boston! I'm sure there are plenty of us back East that would be more than happy to attend. It sounds really, really good.

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