"Much Ado About . . . "


Though it's not our usual fare here in these parts - I felt I needed to share an amazing movie that we saw over the weekend - Much Ado About Nothing from the clever, clever mind of Joss Whedon - and based on the play by William Shakespeare.

Now, many of you might already know of my affection for the works of William Shakespeare . . . so, I often approach a new production with a certain amount of glee.  The plays are so emotionally pure . . . and I'm always intrigued to see what someone new brings to these well-worn stories.

According to the reviews that I've been reading . . . the back-story to the film is almost as interesting as the work itself.  Whedon was in the habit of hosting small, impromptu Shakespeare readings on weekends - and hatched the idea of the film.  The second major influence on the movie was the enormous emotional drain of filming "The Avengers."  Whedon and his wife had planned to go away on vacation . . . but, after a great deal of thought . . . decided to stay in LA.  And invite all their friends and favourite actors over.  And film a movie . . . using their own home as the set.  Shooting in only 12 days.   Actors using their own clothing for costumes.  And creating magic.

Shakespeare.  In all its glory.  The amazing language.  The madcap comedy.  The raw emotions.  The soaring love story.

You might have to seek it out . . . but, do.  Much do.


Karena said…
Scot how fun I can't wait to see this production!

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