04 June, 2013

"Of Leaf and Stone . . . "


I'm trying to catch up with things here on ye olde blog . . . and thought I'd step in the 'way-back' machine for a great images from my recent trip to New York in early May.  I was in town to help celebrate the launch of Ronda Carman's new book, Designers at Home - with parties here and there . . . but, my trip also included a little extra time on a quiet Sunday afternoon and evening for a walk around this amazing city.

So, with trusty Cannon camera in hand - I snapped numerous pictures both walking to (in the late afternoon) and coming back from (close to midnight) a dinner with friends across town.

For some reason - I've always been fascinated by urban greenery.  Either large public parks.  Or small private city gardens.  And even a simple tree lined street.  There's something about seeing architecture through nature - and the push and pull of these two VERY differing concepts - that has always intrigued me.

 So here is a bit of my urban travels . . . west side to east side . . . and back again . . .

Enjoy . . .



(all photography, Scot Meacham Wood for Tartanscot.)


tammy j said...

glorious pictures scot.
and am late to mention it... but also a great shot of you in the new header picture.
handsome and assured.
i follow this marvelous blog and love your style... though seldom comment. thank you for its beauty and wit and elegance!

Karena said...

Scot, I love to be in a city and see both energy and the calm. You have captured both beautifully!

2013 Designers Series
Art by Karena

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

Love the taxicabs. Great photos.

Shirley said...

Wow, these photos are fabulous!

Marlis said...

I, too, am enamored with the juxtaposition of the vegetation against the steel, concrete and brick buildings always gets me! Love your photos. Just wonderful.. xo marlis

Merlin said...

Postcards! franki

Sarah said...

So enjoyed this post, Scot! I'm longing for a NY trip myself. ;-)

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