"Prestonfield House, Edinburgh . . . "


While I was in Scotland a few weeks back - I had the great pleasure of spending a few nights at the Prestonfield House Hotel in Edinburgh.  To say that it was delightful is an understatement of indescribable proportions.  For someone like myself - who loves a dark, mysterious residence - this place is AMAZING.

The first lobby is flanked by two enormous Christmas trees - spilling over and creating the most magical entrance that I could imagine.  The deep oxblood walls only added to its sexy, Gothic charm. 

Because of its conversion from a proper private home - there isn't really anything that one might refer to as a lobby.  Instead, one finds this delightful collection of smaller drawing rooms - each with its own decorative motif - where one can meet for pre-dinner drinks or sit and chat by the fireplace.  

One of the smaller private dining rooms - awash with tartans and velvet - perfectly dressed for the holiday season.  

Another of the small drawing rooms just off the main entrance.  

And another of the private dining rooms.  And even in the bright morning light - the space still feels moody and intimate.   

I loved this little niche - which I passed on my way to my room each night.  

And every room seemed to be bursting with holiday decor.  Trees.  Garlands.  Candles.  Nothing extreme - but, beautifully thought out . . . and just a pitch-perfect addition to an already amazing space. 

And the rooms are spectacular.  Toile and silk velvet by the mile. 


(all photography either Scot Meacham Wood for tartanscot, or from the Prestonfield Hotel website.)


I'm drooling over every image but that entrance is just magical.
Jen said…
Swoon and sigh! I would be very happy staying there. Very.
When I finally visit friends in Scotland, I will definitely stay there!!! Thanks for the gorgeous images.
Oh I love Scotland during the holiday Season! There is always so much to see and do and so many beautifully decorated places. What a beautiful hotel and a place to add to my list.

Thank you for sharing!
vignette design said…
The Prestonfield Hotel looks amazing. I'm putting it on my list of places to visit/stay when we travel there next year. My daughter and her husband were just in Edinburgh for their one year anniversary (he's from Wales) and had a lovely time. Edinburgh looks like a magical city and I look forward to exploring it and bringing back some tartan! ~Delores
Oh my-- my heart is all a-flutter! Love it!

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