11 November, 2012

"Sunday Runway - Shopping . . . "


I was kinda in recovery-mode after my trip to Little Rock this week to speak at Tobi Fairly's amazing Design Camp "A to Z" yesterday . . . so I basically spent almost the entire day curled up in bed . . . surfing the internet . . . 

Um, shopping.

here are a few of my favourites . . . 


Merlin said...

My kind of day!! I "listened" and "watched" the video of you and Tobi...fun to hear your voices..."you'al!" :) franki

An Urban Cottage said...

Holy cow, you scared me! When I saw that Ralph Lauren scarf, I thought it was leg warmers for a minute.

Love the Barbour!

Scot Meacham Wood said...

Don't worry Urban Cottage . . . my leg-warmer obsession is a secret shame that will never be shared here . . . lol.


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