25 November, 2012

"Sunday Runway - Couture . . . "


We're going to veer a little off topic from our usual Sunday chatter about men's fashion - with the news that you must get yourself to the theater . . . if only to see the intoxicating new Joe Wright film Anna Karenina.

Keira Knightly has never been more radiant . . . and more spectacularly beautiful . . . as the tragic heroine of Russian literature in this tale of aristocracy and infidelity .   And the costumes from Jacqueline Durran are amazing.  Though based on period details, many of the ensembles in the film could easily walk down the runway of any current couture designer.

But the film itself is also a tour de force from director Joe Wright . . . but, one should be aware that this is NOT, in any way, a traditional period piece film.  To say that it is 'theatrical' is somewhat of an understatement.  But, it is lush and romantic . . . with a hypnotic score that spins the action forward.

Take a quick peak at the trailer . . .

I'll get the popcorn.  And you get some M&M's . . . and we can meet in the back row.



carolyn bradford said...

Loved this post! Now I know which movie I must see! Thanks for the heads up!

Henhurst Interiors said...

We saw it on Thursday after Thanksgiving lunch in Boston. It was beyond stunning. I would like some of those furs to wrap myself up in this winter in Vermont.
All best,

5th and State said...

plain or peanut?

this was on my short list, the trailer sends it to the forefront. adore period films!
thanks scot

Tracy@GeneralSplendour said...

SO excited to see Kiera Knightley and Joe Wright reunited. Pride and Prejudice is simply magical and Atonement is haunting. LOVE the first picture you posted - I simply must find those earrings!

I will bring the Sno Caps - Sno Caps are a must! :-)

Karen T. said...

What stunning ensembles! I must see this movie!

Karen T.

Cameo said...

" I love you"
"You can't ask why about love"

Absolutely smashing and so true! Will definitely see this!


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