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I wanted to share one of our recently completed projects here at the office . . . a classic, european-inspired library for one of my clients here in the Bay Area.  For me, it just seems to 'tick all the boxes' as a retreat for the modern-day, yet traditional, gentleman.  Antique leather Chesterfield sofas.  Classic English wing chairs nestled by the fireplace.  A flatscreen TV.  And a marvelous custom plaid textile from Scotland upholstered on the walls.  The perfect place to recover from a busy day.

In many ways - this space was all about lighting.  And creating layers of light to compliment the dark, masculine room.  Gallery lights on each of the pieces of artwork.  Floor lights ready for a good book.  Table fixtures to anchor the larger pieces of furniture.   And of course, the custom lighting that we added to the library shelves.  

I love creating these "little moments" within the larger scope of the room.   

 Opposite the fireplace, this antique leather settee becomes another place to gather.  And the cast-iron truck adds both literal and emotional weight to the room - as well as another strong sense of history.  

We also had a marvelous time working with the decorative textiles in the room.  We added a few more classic tartans, mixed with lush wool paisleys, and used these charming needlepoint pillows from Ralph Lauren to finish out the room. 



YONKS said…
That room is orgasmic!
Cheryl said…
Where is the flat screen tv? Is it directly on the wall, open for all to see, or do you have a paneled encasement to "hide" it?
It is one of the things that drives me to distraction.
Linda in AZ * said…
*** This is SO WARM, SO CHARMING, SO WELCOMING, Scot!!! Really well done... I... love... it!!!

Glad you shared this!

Linda in AZ *
Very refined and comfortable at the same time. Love the fabric mixed with the leather on the chair. Beautiful images and some will go straight to my Pinterest!
Wasp Decor said…
Really, really nice! Would you share that color green with us, SMW?
Merlin said…
THAT is one of the most beautiful library creations!!! The lighting in the library - wow! The color on the walls...did you age it?? franki
La Maison Fou said…
Well, I am waiting for my evening's brandy.Love this space,no matter how much I try to love clean,uncomplicated and clutter free my heart tugs at this style and type of clubby retreat!
One for the books to say the least.That needlepoint pillow is enchanting....
Vickie H. said…
WOW! Soooo gorgeous, you had me at that first picture. Beautifully done, love the rich colors..now THAT'S a library! Happy Thanksgiving!
Karen said…
SMW designs the best rooms and libraries are probably my favorite room in any home. This is gorgeous. I wanted to curl up and read a book as soon as I saw the wingback next to the fireplace.
Karen at Garden, Home and Party
Really handsome. Love it!
Scot, this turned out beautifully. I'm ready for a good book and nap. Shiree'
Karena said…
Perfection Scot. I adore that chair! Very warm and inviting!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Giveaway from Scalamandre!
One of the most cosy and finest libraries I have ever seen! Congratulations! The pictures are gorgeous!!
lsellers said…
Love the room. But, oh, how you do leave us wanting more. Share the other sides of the room, please! What is above the second sofa, etc.
Beautiful and so cozy! I want to live my entire life in this room.
Beautiful and so cozy! I want to live my entire life in this room.
Gorgeous! Very classic. People in this place will be inspired to read and stay even longer because of its ambiance. Brilliant!
Belle on Heels said…
I would love to know the paint color used here or a similar paint color if this was custom mixed. It is absolutely perfect!
31Westgate said…
Love the wall color and tartan... yes please.

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