06 November, 2012

"Creating Light . . . "


I think it just might be one of the greatest challenges of design - finding the perfect item - and then discovering that it isn't perfect at all.  The proportions are wrong.  It doesn't come in the finish that you need.  Or it's been discontinued (grrrrrr!).  

Such was the case with the chandelier that we needed for the conference room at our project in the east bay.  I could almost find the right piece - only to discover that it was going to be wrong in some important way.

So.  Like we all must do from time to time - we decided to just have the damn thing custom made.  The perfect size.  The perfect brushed steel finish.  The perfect proportions.  And the perfect delivery schedule. 

Working out the details of the design . . . 

As one would expect - install day was a little nerve-wracking.  We got the frame mounted from the ceiling.  And adjusted the height of the piece.  And then the tedium began . . .   

. . . because there were hundreds of these.  No, seriously.  Hundreds. 

Each of the custom prisms would reflect the light slightly differently - giving the entire fixture a marvelous attitude.  And because the large window directly behind the chandelier faced east - the early morning light would cause each of the the prisms to send morning sun dancing around the room.  It was going to be a spectacular way to greet the day.

Getting the last few prisms installed. 

Now, just for some clean-up. 

And done. 



Merlin said...

THIS WILL BE SO GORGEOUS with the light shining in!! What a glorious way to enjoy (and work.) franki

Brillante Interiors said...

Great light fixture and great artisans at work!

5th and State said...

sheer perfection! this installation took my breath away, very brave of you scot
well done!

Karen said...

Wow! That is beautiful and probably magical when the rising son hits the prisms.
Great job, as always.
Karen at Garden, Home and Party

The-Countrypolitan said...

Scot... what a great design! It finishes off the space perfectly...

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Beautiful! Yes -just why are lighting fixtures the most difficult thing in any room!

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