05 February, 2012

"Sunday Runway, Shopping . . . "

Hackett London, in Cabot Square London


Okay y'all.  I'll own it.  I've been crazy busy this week . . . with several client meetings . . . and a flurry of activities and parties with San Francisco Design Week (and, yes, I promise to post pictures once I have everything together!).   So for this Sunday Runway . . . we're gonna take it a little easy . . . 'cause the busy week has caught up with me . . . and the cold medication is starting to kick in . . . and I'm sure my ability to spell (which is limited at the best of times) is going to evaporate into nothing . . . lol . . . .

So while I'm over here in the corner napping quietly . . . why don't y'all go out and do some shopping . . .

Hackett London, in Dublin

Hackett London, Sloane Square

UnionMade, in San Francisco . . . for something a little more casual.
Black Fleece, from Brooks Brothers . . . in the West Village, NY

Ralph Lauren, Madison Avenue, New York

Ralph Lauren, Madison Avenue, New York

Ralph Lauren, Madison Avenue, New York

Sid Mashburn, Atlanta Georgia 

Sid Mashburn, Atlanta Georgia 

J. Press, Madison Avenue, New York

J.  Crew Men's Store, Tribeca, New York
Heading back to bed,


Susie said...

Wow, some of these shops are so inviting. Seems you could sit and have anice cup of tea, while waiting. Rest up and get well. Smiles, Susie

An Urban Cottage said...

When I lived in NYC, I would visit the RL mansion almost every weekend. It's magical, especially at Christmas. I can never tire of seeing it.

Jalon Burton said...

I have to admit - I am a sucker for Men's CLothing Stores! I love to play dress up with my boyfriend... the smells, the sights, the feels... I should have been a men's clothing store designer! LOL Thank you for sharing these wonderful utopias for a great Sunday. Enjoy your day.

YONKS said...

Hold on a minute, call me a pleb but didn't Hackett forget to put the backs on those chairs. Ralph Lauren style makes me tingle a little bit!

Karena said...

Adore these mens boutiques Scot. Thanks for sharing!

Art by Karena

The enchanted home said...

WOW these are all amazing looking, love beautiful stores, whether to shop in, window shop or drool over.

tammy j said...

what a delightful use of a billiard table!
i hope you feel well enough tonight to watch downton abbey...
are you working too hard? take good care of yourself!
tammy j

Scot Meacham Wood said...


I've been seeing a great deal of that "de-constructed" construction - both in interior design as well as in men's and women's fashion (exposed upholstery nails, exposed zipper construction, and frayed hems on both interior and fashion design). It's not to everyone's taste, but I actually like seeing it used in small doses.


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martine@martinelouisedesign said...

ooooh oooh, hello! I just came across your blog - love it! I was looking for some tartan to re-upholster some wing back chairs. Love your masculine tailored style. Just lovely. martine x

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Laura Casey Interiors said...

Very cool comparing the different set ups of each store. Men's fashion stores need to take note of these shops, they are stunning.

Unknown said...

cute shops dahhling.. as far as spelling, I am sure I wouldn't notice, mexicans, we are very bad at it!

YONKS said...

I will have to look out for it! Thanks Scott :-)

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