"Can't Wait 'til Sunday . . . "


I know we usually cover the fashion world on the weekends . . . but, with Fashion Week blazing forth each day this week - I thought I'd get a jump on things and post a bit of my favourite show.

As regular readers of the blog will already know - Michael Bastian just always sets my fashion senses a-tingle.  A clever mix of classic, wearable menswear - but, with a modern, clever fit - and beautiful styling.  Michael and I have been friends since the 'olden days' - when we were both at Ralph Lauren together - and I've watched with great pride as his star has completely taken off.

Here are a few of my favourites from his recent Fall 2012 show in New York . . . enjoy . . .

Michael Bastian, at work in his design studio . . . 


(images from Gq.com)


Daniel Shigo said…
Bowtie, spats and a leather jacket! Wow! I kinda like the quilted car coat too. The only thing that distresses me is the shorter sleeve lengths which don't look good on us tall and lean men over 6 feet. Very gangly that. Still: lots to admire.
Genius. Great combinations of color and texture. I know it's just runway, but the scarf with the robe made me laugh. For that cold walk to the mailbox?

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