11 January, 2012

"Street. Signs . . . "


I thought I'd share a bit of our local flavor today . . . as well as one of my favourite aspects of San Francisco.  You see.  You'll be driving in the 'South of Market' area near my office.  And suddenly be faced with one of these stark - enormous - and delightful murals.  All the murals are the work of artist Rico 23.

So.  For a slightly hectic Wednesday afternoon.  Why don't your hop in the cyber-car with me.  Let's take the top down.  Crank up some good top-40 radio.  Maybe grab a diet coke. 

And drive around San Francisco . . . 

Unfortunately, because of the growth of the city - a few of these are no longer visible - so I you've been doing a bit of time-traveling as well.

Remember - keep those seat belts buckled at all times,


FairyFiligree said...

What a lovely post - never been to your part of the world (but I have been to Scotland) so this is great travelling alternative! thanks for sharing.

Karena said...

How fun Scot!! Thanks for the tour!!


Art by Karena

Sarah said...

Thanks, Scott. San Francisco is one of my favorite destinations. I loved the ride! ~ Sarah

tammy j said...

i rode to sf with scott and now i've popped some corn and i'm going to england. am settling in front of my computer to watch the rest of season one of downton abbey. just can't get enough of it! i watched season 1 episode 1 last night. masterpiece theater site has the full episodes.
can't wait to buy the uk versions of both seasons now!
cheers to tartan scott,
tammy j

Jen said...

I love street art and I love SF--they go well together!

chibiaion said...

Cool! Street art in SF is fun in many ways, just by looking at them paints a smile on one's face.
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leah said...

Thanks for your great blog. I have a daughter who will be spending some time 4 nights in San Francisco in April next year. Is there anything which you could suggest that she should not miss and any favourite restaurants.Any info would be appreciated

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