"Please, Do Not Disturb . . . "

Barry Dixon, for Metropolitan Home


Saturday - high temperature  50 degrees, with steady rain.  Sunday - High temperature 54 degrees, with steady rain.  If you're looking for me this weekend.  I'll be in bed.  Resting after a busy, busy week here at the office - and hopefully sleeping off the last lingering remnants of my steady, lingering cold.

And if one is in the mood for a long afternoon of simple napping - there's nothing quite like a canopy bed.  Just that luxurious feeling of safely.  And comfort.  And the proper amount of decadence.

Which is your favourite ?

Phoebe Howard, Atlanta Showcase House.
Lush and amazing.  Bright and embracing.  

Miles Redd, for Elle Decor 
Or maybe something a bit more exotic? 

Charlotte Moss, Kips Bay Showhouse
(image from New York Social Diary)
Classic and feminine.  As one would only expect from the lovely Charlotte Moss. 

Celerie Kemble,  from House Beautiful  (photo credit - Don Freeman)
Totally loving the gray and lavender colour story.
And the scalloped edge detail on the window and bed hangings is marvelous.

SMW Design, San Francisco

But, this is where I'll be.  My own little bed out by the beach in San Francisco.  
We've got nothing but damp, blustery weather forecasted all weekend.  
With any luck, I'll never even see the outside. 
Napping quietly,


Sue said…
Love the tartan bedroom of yours. That is by far my favorite!
To have a gorgeous bedroom such as these. Only in my "dreams".
I adore your bed. How chic!
Unknown said…
There is something to be said for the drama of a four poster bed! I love Charlotte Moss' version and your own....extremely inviting and embracing. The colors are divine!
Hope you will recover soon! To bed, hot tea, some toast, the cat at your feet and a good read!!!
Belle de Ville said…
I love your bedroom! Looks like a cozy place to stay in bed and watch old movies and sip tea.
ann chamberlain said…
I love your blog posts. My favorite bedroom is the one
by Phoebe Howard. It is so clean and bright.
D.B. said…
As much as I love Charlotte Moss and Miles Redd AND SMW, waking up in the Phoebe Howard room would be a great way to start the day! Your bed, however, is perfect for the weather you are experiencing and a "The Tudors" marathon. Hoping you achieve complete recuperation.
Daniel Shigo said…
Love your bed and headboard Scot! I've been thinking about a 'half-tester' above my own with two swing arm lamps and a padded headboard, and this post is inspiring.
Splendid Sass said…
Well you know I love yours with the beautiful tartan. I also love the room by Miles Redd.
Oh well, they are all beautiful.
Have a nice, restful weekend.
Scott: I'm a blog stalker. I always read your blog, but rarely comment. I had noticed your new bed a few days ago on your blog, and glad to see the whole room. This is genius. Very original, masculine, and successfully done. My sincere compliments!
Love the tartan bedroom!
margot said…
kindred spirit! I have poster beds in both my places. Toronto city one patterned after Anthony Todd's that appeared in ELLE Decor - do you know it? It did it just with iron drapery hardware - linen panels for warm seasons, linen + velvet for cold. In the country place it's the white painted IKEA Edland, plain simple and country. No bedhangings....yet. Of this collection I will pick yours 'cause of that killer headboard design - bravo! And Charlotte Moss's -- a touch girly for my liking, but I happened to make it to the Kips Bay house that year so having seen it in person gives it high marks.
I'm tip toeing by your door...nothing better than a good nap.
Karen said…
Your room is lovely but its the Phoebe Howard rooms for me! Feel better soon...will spring ever arrive in California? :-)
With beds like that, who cares what's going on outside! Your SF bedroom design is stunning!
The white one..and the last..like them all..
I think this is the first time I've seen your whole room...how do you ever leave it!?

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