02 March, 2011

"Meanwhile, Back in San Francisco . . . "

SMW Design, San Francisco


Well, I'm safely returned to San Francisco after an amazing weekend in Los Angeles at the 2011 Design Bloggers Conference.  I'm downloading images from the weekend - including a magical afternoon at Dawnridge - and will have tales to share later in the week.

But before any 'new' news - some good news.  There is nothing quite as exciting as working with clients that I've worked with before.  I always love repeat business.  I already know their homes.  And the way that they want to live within those homes.  And even better, I already know the dogs names - and what their favourite treats are!  lol.

So, images my delight when I had an email a few days back that I have a chance to return to this beautiful property on the San Francisco peninsula.  We completed the 'public spaces' a while back - and now we have the opportunity to craft new 'private spaces' in the house.  A master bedroom suite.  And assorted guest rooms and a family room/office.

When we originally began work on the house - as with most all clients - there is a lengthy discussion about favourite colours and inspirations.  I often even look through client's closets to see what colours they are most drawn to.  And after chatting for a good while one of the last things they said was, "and please, no green.  I've never liked green."

I furrowed my brow a tiny bit.

So at our first serious design meeting - the one with tons of fabric swatches and with my initial concepts for the project - frankly, I brought a good deal of green textiles.  And we sat out in the gardens on clear, glorious afternoon - looking at textiles.  Seeing the interplay of the living room with the colours of the gardens just beyond them through the french doors.   Dark, musky browns.  The clear ivory of white roses.  And the quiet green of stems and foliage.  French toiles.  Over-sized linen ginghams.  Mini green checks.  And some perfect imported green silk stripes.

And when all was said and done - we used a good deal of green.  And it looks great.  And they love it.  As much fun as the project was, the fact that they let me lead them out of their comfort zone - and create something really wonderful - is one of the main reasons I'm excited to work with them again.

So besides sharing some good news about a new project - this just a simple reminder to keep your eyes open. And your mind open.  Maybe you need some stem-green silk velvet?

Is there a colour you're afraid to use?  Or think you could never have in your home?


(all photography by Eric Tagan Hooten for SMW Design)


Luciane at HomeBunch.com said...


Congrats! Your work is magnificent! I'd love to have you as my interior designer!

Yes! You should always go beyond what your hear from your clients. Maybe they say they don't like such color because they didn't find the right hue for that color. We all know that there's not only one kind of "green" or yellow... keeping our minds open bring some excitement to our work and to the client's new perspective of "new".

There's not a color I wouldn't use, but there's some combinations of color that I don't find appealing. :-)

Have a Blessed Day!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

Layers and Layers said...

Beautifully done. It's no wonder your clients call you back!

bainbridge blues said...

we tend to avoid purple . . . but then again we have used deep, dark, rich purples in some of our favorite client projects so go figure!

love the toile and the checks above! very peaceful.

Tricia - Avolli said...

Beautiful work Scott! What a treat and a compliment to be invited back. Can't wait to see what you come up with. If you'll need diminutive chandeliers let me know...just got in some beautiful pieces.

Scot Meacham Wood said...

Thank you all for your kind words - it was a great project to work on - and the clients could not have been more wonderful.

And the fact that they let me lead out of their comfort zone a bit shows great trust on their part - and I always appreciate that!

debra @ 5th and state said...

nothing beats total trust from a client. i love that living room with it's depth of layers and contrasts.

beautiful segue taking them to the garden, as you knew green goes with everything

can't wait to hear about the conference scot, am in england and missed it. one of the few times i truly wanted to be in two places at once

Dustin B. said...

Oh my...the dining room is exquisite...Oh my...

Unknown said...


Having vision is wonderful in design and using intuition with your clients is loyalty and respect which is priceless.


Cynna said...

Your work is wonderful! As a designer, I LOVE color; the more the merrier for me. But, there is one shade that makes me cringe: mauve.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing these interior pics. All of them are so cleverly put together. I really like how they used things in ways they weren't intended. Enjoyed seeing those photos. :)

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Tretswelt said...

Hei!Edel und Geschmackvoll eingerichtet.Toll!Lu.

Unknown said...

Hi Scot, can you please name the fabric of gorgeous armchair and ottoman? I've been searching this type of fabric for ages now..

Many, many thanks Biannca biannca.locatelli@gmail.com

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