"Springing. Somewhat Forwards . . . "

Marshall Watson and Jeffery Kilmer, for House Beautiful
(photo credit - Roger Davies)

Some days you just need to celebrate those small victories in life.  Today is just such a day.  Sing out the good news.  As of this morning, the clock in my car is right again.  Praise.

John Jacob Interiors

"The Clock"
a poem by Mother Goose

SMW Design, San Francisco
(photo credit - Nicolas Smith)

"There's a neat little clock,--
In the schoolroom it stands,--
And it points to the time
With its two little hands . . . "

Celerie Kimble, for House Beautiful
(photo credit - Don Freeman)

SMW Design, San Francisco
(photo credit - Nicolas Smith)

" . . . And may we, like the clock,
Keep a face clean and bright,
With hands ever ready
To do what is right."

Carolyne Roehm, for Veranda Magazine
(photo credit - Carolyne Roehm)

Cathy Kincaid, for House Beautiful
(photo credit - Reed Davis)
Don't be late today,


Unknown said…
Love it! We're on vacation...so finally EST has met with Caribbean time. All is right with the world.
quintessence said…
Isn't it true?! It's those little things - also looking forward to having the car being correct time! And SO looking forward to having more light at the end of the day - what a treat!!
Anonymous said…
Hello there! I love your plaid wall paper...can I post it at Mel's Cabin side bar and give you a link back? Mel
Unknown said…
What a befitting post! Welcome back real time!!!!
Beautiful pictures! As always!
: )
Maggie O said…
Love the clocks and the poem. Great pics and colour. Yes, "some" clocks are now at the correct time.
Karena said…
Scot same for me with the car clocK! Great assortment of images!

Really beautiful !!!

Art by Karena
Love it all...but especially the first clock pictured :)
Karen said…
What a happy post! I loved the images and the little rhyme.

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