"An Afternoon at Dawnridge . . . "


It was the Academy Awards weekend in Southern California.  And with the exception of the Vanity Fair Oscar party, it might have been one of the hottest tickets in Los Angeles last weekend.  Even better than an invitation from Elton John, it was an invitation from Ronda Carman.   I was pleased to be included amongst a gathering of designers who had all been invited for a luncheon to celebrate the 120th anniversary of SFERRA.  On a bright, beautiful Sunday afternoon, there was a combination of great friends as well as designers whose work I have always admired - with the spectacular Hutton Wilkinson as our host and guide through his historic home in Beverly Hills - simply known throughout the design world as Tony Duquette's Dawnridge.

(Truth be told, I actually have a few friends that DID get invited to Elton John's party.  And frankly, I'm totally jealous. lol)

Hutton Wilkinson, giving us some history on the grand house.

Stacy Kunstel, Clinton Smith, Ronda Carman, and I gathered in the drawing room.

A little history on SFERRA -

SFERRA began in Italy as a purveyor of fine Italian-made lace in 1891. The company’s industrious founder, Gennaro Sferra left Italy for business travel in the United States at the turn-of-the-century in hopes of attracting a market for his intricate Venetian lace cuffs and collars. He found his clientele in the well-heeled guests who frequented the grand seaside resorts that once dotted the East Coast from Maine to Palm Beach, and traveled regularly up and down the coast to sell his exquisite goods.

SFERRA now serves more than 600 of the finest luxury specialty linen and home accent stores worldwide who carry its premium Italian sheeting and top-of-bed lines. Within North America, SFERRA is proud to count Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Horchow, and Bloomingdale’s among its stable of discerning customers. 

Ronda Carman and Jan Showers.

Stacy Kunstel and Clinton Smith.
(How amazing is Stacy's outfit!  Seriously!)
(and, yes, Clint looks adorable as well!)

The Drawing Room at Dawnridge.

Dawnridge's Sunroom.

Another view of the Sunroom.

The table all set for the outdoor luncheon.

Bright table linens - and custom monogramed cocktail napkins provided by SFERRA for each of the guests.

A delicious luncheon.  And sparkling company. 

There's something somewhat magical about spending an afternoon with such an army of creative people.  Sharing inspirations.  Laughing.  Toasting each other's successes.  Lending advice.  And basking in the glow of our amazing surroundings.

There are few people on this Earth more charming than Hutton Wilkinson.

Clinton Smith, Kyle Knight and I just after our delicious lunch.

Tobi Fairley and Jan Showers.  

Tracy Porter and Ronda Carman.
(Totally loved Tracy's vintage handbag!)

Tracy Porter, Ronda Carman, Hutton Wilkinson, Lori Dennis, and I.

Barclay Butera and Suzanne Rheinstein.

Anne Sage, Paloma Contreras, and Tracy Porter.

Cheers to an amazing afternoon.


(Photo Credits - "SFERRA’s 120th Celebration at Tony Duquette's Dawnridge" Photos by Andreas Branch for Patrick Mcmullan for SFERRA.)


quintessence said…
What a FABULOUS design star studded event. Dawnridge is amazing matched only by the company - I'm sure it was an afternoon to remember!!
Linda in AZ * said…
* DITTO to QUINTESSENCE (above)... annnd Scot, I ADOOORE that "malachite"-looking plate in the last pic...

Linda in AZ *
What an inspiring space! Love the whole aesthetic of the event. Definitely there will be ideas stolen from this event! Seems like it was fun!
Fabulous in every single way and direction!



Luciane at HomeBunch.com
Shani Gilchrist said…
How wonderful. Looks like great company in a superb setting, and I LOVE the shot of the luncheon table. Thanks for sharing!
JWC said…
I'm so jealous... I've always wanted to see Dawnridge... and with Hutton Wilkinson and Jan Showers? Amazing...
OMG... fabulous! What a house. You all look gorgeous. I would be crying right now about not getting an invite if I wasn't at the Elton John Oscar Party!

Thx for the ride to LAX.

@Cristin - regarding that panic-ridden trip through LA traffic to the airport - it was my pleasure. Thank heavens you were in the car - the ultimate navigator!

See you soon!
It looks like so much fun and what a treat to be at such an amazing place!! It must take several visits to Dawnridge to absorb it all. Everyone looks so great... Stacy so totally chic and original! Wonderful photos. ; )
Unknown said…
One will such an invitation arrive at my doorstep???
You are a glamorous bunch!
What a great house!
Unknown said…
OK - I don't think that I have ever been more jealous in my whole life. The house looks fabulous and I am huge Tracy Porter fan, so the combination of the two is making me light up like a big green Grinch!!! Tell Me - Tell Me!!! What do I need to do to ride on your coattails (as exquisite as they usually are) to these events!!!
Unknown said…

Lots of design familiar faces and hopefully all enjoying a winter's luncheon together. Love the snaps of the event.
Thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
What a glamorous event! Thanks for sharing with us.
Karen said…
What a fun event. You look so handsome without hair on your face (as you have in your photo at the top of your blog site).:-)
La Boheme said…
It looks like it was a fantastic night! Glad you had fun and thanks for sharing your photos! xo
Renée Finberg said…
..."and a fine time was had by all"
this looked like a wonderful event.
thank you so much for the pics.
they are great! xx
Unknown said…
Love, love, love seeing all of you enjoying such a spectacular event! That is what this community of bloggers is all about!

Thanks for sharing it with us!
~ Elizabeth
Jennifer said…
OMG! Lovely! Dawnridge! what a lovely name! Jennifer aka Gigi
margot said…
supercalafragilistically jealous! Especially loved this since I'm a malachite nut.
Anonymous said…
You Sweet Thang! Thanks for the shout-out and I can't wait for our paths to cross again! xosk
Anonymous said…
Oh my! How wonderful!
I just read about Dawnridge because of the One King's Lane sale and I was lucky enough to get some fabric.

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