"Gratuitous Nudity . . . "

Academy Award Winner, Colin Firth.


Well, I had to find some way of getting you all to peruse through some amazing bathrooms!  I'm working on several projects at the office that are going to involve re-designing (or at least re-imagining) numerous bathrooms for clients.  

Designing bathrooms are always a challenge.  The specifications are usually quite technical.  But more importantly, the rooms are incredibly personal.  They is most likely the first room we each see in the morning.  And the last we see at night.  And frankly, we're in these rooms when we're naked.   A badly designed bathroom can be amazingly sad.  But, if beautifully done - they can be divine.

Enjoy . . . 

Barry Darr Dixon, for House Beautiful
(photo credit - Edward Addeo)
Beautiful tile work.  Great faucets.
And I love the use of the drapery treatment in the space.

Paolo Moschino, for House Beautiful
(photo credit - Simon Upton)
Intrigued by the unusual use of the hutch in this bathroom.
And I'm almost always 
a sucker for a free-standing bathtub. 

Johnny Depp

Dransfield & Ross, for Elle Decor  
(photo credit - Simon Upton)
Great re-imagining of the console as a vanity.
And love the dove gray colour of the casework

SMW Design, Atherton Residence
(photo credit - Eric Tagan Hooten)
A little corner in a project in Atherton.  We ended up
having to retro-fit the 
mirror on this adorable antique bamboo table.  

Neil Patrick Harris, television and broadway actor

John Jacob Interiors
Again - the blessings of a free-standing bathtub.
And a fireplace.  And great artwork.

Joe Nye, for House Beautiful
(photo credit - Roger Davies)
Masculine.  Clubby.  Great lighting.
And I
love that mirror.

Bradley Cooper, television and movie star

SMW Design, Tahoe Residence
(photo credit - Eric Tagan Hooten)
A great little bathroom as part of a guest
suite at a Tahoe vacation home.  

Mari Ann & Michael Maher, for Elle Decor
(photo credit - William Abranowicz)
And how amazing is this antique sofa as part of the bathroom.
And oh, to have that much space!
Don't forget to scrub behind those ears,



Are you kidding me, Mr.??? I didn't see ANY bathroom here... I saw really good looking actors! LOL

But, seriously.... gorgeous bathrooms! A very important thing when designing a bathroom: light! Not direct light, actually. The older you get, the less "light" you want to be directing on your...... (complete it however you want. ;-) ) Light and some comfort.... that's always nice too.

Have a Happy Day!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com
Maggie O said…
Amazing and quite a different approach/ look at "that" room. I luv it!! I would also like some of those "accessories" in my bathroom to look at in the morning and at night...especially Mr. Firth, now that would make me smile a lot. Thanks for that Scot.
Suzanne said…
What a great post! I am new to your blog and I just love it! You have great style and I love what you show and offer in the design sense. Have a nice day.
~Suzanne from Connecticut
Kelley Suhr said…

You had me at Colin Firth in bubbles. Loved every bathroom, especially the free standing tubs. Do you think the wing chair in the John Jacob room was covered in white terry? Who knew Bradley Cooper could make such a great accessory?!?

Great Post!
Daniel Shigo said…
Sexy, funny, elegant post- and the the dove-gray trim IS wonderful.
My Notting Hill said…
Beautiful collection of bathroom images but a huge thank you for introducing me to this photo of Colin Firth, my favorite, favorite actor.
Kate said…
And I thought I didn't like looking at bathrooms... till now.
Unknown said…

Bathrooms are "Sacred spaces" where images are dreamed of, imagined in, and made out to be fluid emotions.
I have the feeling that most American men take showers instead of baths....am I wrong???

Admittedly, it DOES seem like we American guys are more of a 'shower' nation - I still love the romanticism of the bathtub.

Maybe we'll need a follow-up posting - more focused on showers?

quintessence said…
Lots of wonderful eye candy here on all fronts!! Love that second shot with the fabulous free standing tub and hutch - just beautiful!!
You had me at Colin, but all the bathrooms and men in tubs were a treat!
hmmmm, colin looking dreamy, wet, naked,.......will stop here!

that bath by john jacobs is to DIE FOR

Deserae said…
WOW, such wonderful eye candy...every single bit of it ;o)
Lisa Porter said…
Give me Gorgeous Colin Firth and fine antiques in the bathroom and lock the door baby!
xo Lisa
Brooke said…
well, it worked. You got me to read your blog today...haha!! Love me some good eye candy!
La Dolfina said…
Fabulous post Scot!
And I loved the gratuitous nudity...
Well Done!
Slim Paley said…
Fab post- love the Dransfield & Ross bathroom and of course the divine Mr. Firth ... I must say even J. Depp freshly bathed is quite a nice thought!
Unknown said…
You've got me at hello!
Guys and bathrooms equally enticing!
It was wonderful to see all those bathrooms without the ubiquitous utilitarian and, alas necessary with our overly busy lives, a shower. This post reminded me of the joys of taking care of my body; that decorating the bathroom must have every bit of the care and attention to detail that any other part of the home. Thank you for such a feast for the senses.
What a charming post with it's sprinkling of charming, handsome sexiness! Loved it.
Love your blog! Thanks for throwing in that photo of Bradley Cooper! HA! HA! HA! He's a cutie, just saw him in Limitless!

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