"Dirt Envy . . . "

from Southern Accents.

As a big city dweller, there are many things that I enjoy about my life.   I can usually see all the new art films as soon as they are released.  (btw, go - and I mean go NOW - to see Jane Eyre.  Seriously good.)  I can get chinese food delivered in less than 30 minutes with a phone call to the place around the corner.  And San Francisco boasts more than two competitive fencing clubs within its city limits.  Now, I've not darken the door of any of them in over three years - but I very easily could.

But, that's not my present obsession.  It's Spring.  And I wanna get my hands dirty.  Like my days as a child in Mississippi - playing in the yard.  Helping to plant the garden.  Tromping adventurously through the acres of forests behind our house looking for dogwood trees beginning to bloom.   All the while, trying to avoid walking through the spiderwebs that were billowing between the trees.

And here within the citified boundaries of my current existence, no such experiences seem to present themselves.  There's no rough hewn shed awaiting me - with seed packets.  With masses of terracotta pots .  Or a collection of barely matched mucking boots.  I miss the sight of my own footprints in the early morning dew.  The feel of peat moss.  The threatening sounds of bees getting closer.

Perhaps, I've watched a bit too much of The Fabulous Beekman Boys over the weekend.  Or maybe I should attack the two tiny window boxes outside the citied kitchen window and try to create some magic this weekend.



What a lovely post Scot. I've told you before, I do enjoy your style of writing. Gardening is near and dear to my heart too. I hope you will take a peek at my spring entry today. So anxious for spring... Shiree'
So funny you mentioned Jane Eyre as your first pic reminds me of the town of Lacock in England where so many Jane Austin/Charlotte Bronte films have taken place! Love it...need that for myself someday.
KSK said…
Scot, you can come to Texas and play in the dirt with me in my yard ;) Until then, I'm sure you'll do a fabulous job with your window boxes. And btw, I am SO excited for Jane Eyre! Glad to hear a good review from you.
Linda in AZ * said…
* FAB pics, Scot, and I soooo wish *I* could get MY fingers back in the soil again!!! It's always been a great source of FUN annnd PRIDE, ever since my youth in SO CAL~~~ my Mom and I had such FUN planting during the beautiful, sunny Calfornia weather!!!...

... UNFORTUNATELY tho, it has to be left to professional gardeners now, because there are ALL KINDS of "creepy crawlers" when the weather in the desert is warm/hot!!! As the youth of today would say, "BUMMER"!!!

Soooo, THANK YOU!!! (I adoooore seeing the ollld brick & stone sooo much too!!!)...

Warmest wishes,
Linda in AZ *
Pat McIntosh said…
Leave all your work behind and go to the Garden Show this week. It's a perfect cure for the garden blues!
P.S. I LOVE the potting table shot!
It is a beautiful Spring here in Mississippi. But here in Olive Branch, the majestic old oaks are expelling their pollen this week, covering everything with chartreuse pollen.

I clearly remember my awful allergies in the Spring - but, at the moment it all sounds quite magical!

Anonymous said…
Scot..we are woven from the same cloth. I posted pictures today on facebook of my lettuce, strawberries and peas sprouting. I have had spring fever this year like no other and instead of pulling fabric this morning at 6 am, I was in the yard, digging in the dirt. Such sweet therapy. Thanks for your post and please send pics of the window boxes...I am sure they will be a beautiful sight.
Jeannine 520 said…
Scot, I've got a cure for that. If you ever feel like taking a drive over the bride consider this an open invitation to come get your hands dirty in my garden any time you like. I've got lots of sprucing up to do, redesigning beds and garden layouts and at least 30 pots and urns waiting for this years plants (if this rain doesn't stop I'll be getting seriously behind). At this time of year I can't wait to get out to the garden too but a few days of it usually has me cured of any romanticizing! :-) Take care and have a great evening.
Maggie O said…
Here in Canada we are still under quite a bit of snow and ice (yikes). I feel like there is a big hand on my shoulder pulling me back everytime I think of the outdoors. So it appears we are all feeling the same after a long and hard winter. We have two hornbeam trees to replace for my stilt hedge and I long to see the hostas peeking through - they all have names of family and friends - on top of their botanical names. So it is nice to say Hi again...made it through another winter...like we did!! Luv the post. Luv the potting "shed" - who should be so lucky?
Karen said…
I vote you get your hands dirty with your window box. I've seen some amazing gardens all self-contained in a window box.
I have to admit, your piece was timely, I've been complaining (mostly to myself) about having too much yard work ahead of me. I guess I best be thankful for a plot of dirt in need! :-)

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