"A Weekend in Bed . . . "


It seems to me like a very natural progression . . . begin with a crazy, busy week at the office - and follow it with an aggressively lazy weekend in bed.

A perfect place to curl up and let the worries of the week fade away . . .

And what could ever be more relaxing than these marvelous rooms by Kathryn Ireland. If you've never had a chance to peruse through her textile collection - please have a look.

“I’m so conscious of not wanting a room to look ‘decorated,' I don’t start with a lead fabric and then say, ‘This has to go with this.’ It’s all in the mix.” - Kathryn Ireland

Nestled in the bed,


Teresa Hatfield said…
There you go--changing my plans. It's back to bed for me!
Teresa (Splendid Sass)
I love the sense of ease in her designs... ~Terri
Lisa Porter said…
I mean...I was really beginning to think about getting out of my jammies and starting my Saturday...but now i've taken a deep breath from your "breathe" post below and am wanting to curl up in that first enclave for the rest of the day. Thank you,(and Kathryn Ireland)for the inspiration
and for stopping by this morning.
Can I join you in those beds/ (naughty me) Thanks so much for showcasing her textiles and reminding me of how luscious they are. I love, love the mix of pattern and color.
the napping continues here . . .

hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Love the term "aggressively lazy" - throws a whole new light on things.
Love these rooms.
My French Country Home

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