"Quick and Easy . . . "

House and Garden
(photography by Simon Upton)


Sometimes it just all seems like too much - lol. Fabric samples to be sorted. Antique stemware to be organized. New lighting to be decided. But, as the household and office-wide redesign continues . . . I keep finding little nuggets of delight in the most unusual places. Like this one - from the 2005 House and Garden . . . featuring the home of London antiques dealer Charles Edwards in the Northampton region of England . . .

So in the midst of the madness - just a quick posting . . .



katiedid said…
Do we get to see the new offices when you are done?!
yes, I promise an extensive shoot when the office is completed.

(well, it's still a kinda small space - so 'extensive' may be a bit of a over-statement - lol!)
Lisa Porter said…
We love to watch you work! Always worth the wait!
xo Lisa
Vickie H. said…
Enjoyed this post. Can't wait to see what you have been up to.
Unknown said…

That's why simple pleasures are the best they inspire us to keep doing what we do. Design, hunt n' gather, style, snap shots and enjoy. Take a breath and take a step one foot in front of the other it's fun!

Claudia Juestel said…
Glad to see that you are taking those inspirational breaks. Great post on a beautiful home.


Covetable said…

Love the pics of Edwards home. Two of my favorite things that I brought back from London are his lanterns.

Good luck on the re-design. Do show it when it's done.

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