"Fresh New Peeps . . . "


A big part of my aggressively lazy weekend in bed is taking part in some very active online shopping . . . lol . . . and I think I've found my new sunglasses . . . assuming that the sun will shine once again on our dreary summer San Francisco!

At the very least - it's brought a shy grin to my lazy weekend . . . Elijah Wood and Shirley Manson's most excellent video for Oliver Peoples . . . .

*sporting swanky new glasses,*


That was one big, long awaited kiss--and the specs are pretty swell too!
Daniel Shigo said…
Hilarious & chic with a touch of Ann Margaret. The glasses? Quite large! That's an interesting change from the last 10 years or so.
Love the video and loved his all white suit! Why don't men dress like that anymore? :)
Anonymous said…
Oliver People's vids are so cool, I loved last year's - it was shot by and featured, ooh what's his name - Robert Evans!

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