15 July, 2010

"There's an App for That . . . "


Some fun news for all y'all design nerds . . . Kravet/Lee Jofa launched their new iPhone app called 'eDesign Assistant.' Great for every aspect of shopping at Kravet/Lee Jofa :

"With this app, you can search more than 36,000 Kravet and Lee Jofa fabrics and furnishings to find the perfect color, pattern, texture and style in each product category. You can choose from a library of colors, or snap a photo with the iPhone for a color match, and the app will find coordinating fabrics styles."

"If you are registered with us through e-designtrade.com, you can use the app to check stock, order memo samples and check the status of an order 24 hours a day right from the iPhone."

You can just do a search on your 'app store' for 'edesign assistant' and, best of all, it's a free download.

Here's more info . . .


for more information - check the Kravet website.


The-Countrypolitan said...

I was wondering what their big surprise was... this is great! I can't wait to try it out... ~Terri

Cristin said...

how cool! thanks for sharing...


Finally, our industry is moving to the 21st century! Thanks Kravet for taking the plunge. And thanks to you for sharing the news!

Claudia Juestel said...

Very cool! Thanks Scot for the reminder. I really commend Kravet/Lee Jofa for finding new ways to connect with their clients.



Ideezine said...


Ah good show! I wonder how soon others will follow. Our industry is really slow to tech up. We are in need of innovation as we are the designers with the magic of imagination.

Kravet said...

Scot, thanks so much for your support of Kravet and Lee Jofa. You are certainly a cutting edge fellow so we could not be more thrilled by your endorsement. Cheers!

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