"Size Matters . . . "

Greetings All,

Just sitting here in the office - and mentally placing artwork for several projects - making notes, drawing sketches, filling in some holes . . . but, loving the fact that we're working with several major pieces in each different project. Major - not only in style - but also in size!

I love the drama of a massive piece of artwork anchoring any space. It's the perfect way to add impact to any room. Whether a giant work of modern photography, or vintage french advertisement, or a fine oil painting. Maybe it's just a great poster - but oversized - and beautifully framed. And I truly believe - the smaller the room, the more drama you can create with one giant work of art.

Michael Smith, who can almost do no wrong, reinforces the warm colour story, and highlights the massive room with this beautiful painting.

Jamie Drake goes contemporary and graphic in his own home.
He told the story that he had practically finished the room - and THEN found the artwork - which fits SO perfectly, it seemed as if it were the inspiration for the entire space.

Eric Cohler.

The work of Jamie Drake again. I adore the exuberance of his fearless style! And I love the play of pattern between the linear motifs on the table covering - and the great almost formless curvature of the modern artwork.

One of my favourite sayings - "Go big, or go home."
or maybe "Go big, and stay home and admire your boldness!"

And a sexy mix of colours and styles from Eric Cohler. And I'm loving his modern take on a traditional canopy bed as well. Including the graphic half-tester drapery.

Back to work here - I have a bedroom wall that I think I need to re-image now . . .



Mrs. Blandings said…
Go big and stay home and admire your boldness may be my new tag line.
Ah Mrs B.,

Glad to have inspired you! lol.
After the giant rock climbing wall, I'm not surprised to find you loving the big things in life! Very cool!
Small would be disappointing! Love the impact...
Reynolds Still said…
Wonderful images Tartanscot, thanks for sharing those. I totally agree with your philosphy, "Go Big and Stay Home". Love, love, love a BIG statement.

Best regards,
Verdigris Vie said…
What a fabulous gallery.. I think I am going to have to file these in a big folder - the go Big and stay home file - Love that..;-)

So much more to see here on your fab blog.. I am off to indulge...

Pinky said…
This seems to be one of the biggest design mistakes people make: SMALL accessories overtaking the space. I love go big and stay home and admire your boldness!!!!!!!!!!
i love big paintings!! ive been meaning to make one for my room and these r some dgreat ideas..ofcourse mine will not turn out to be that nice


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