"Learning to Read . . . "

Joe Nye from House Beautiful

a poem by Ann Turner.

Do you remember
learning to read?

James Burrow's home by Michael Smith
from Elle Decor

That book full of squiggles
like ants, escaped.

House Beautiful

the teacher's big thumb
on the page,
your heart beating inside
afraid that all you'd ever see
was ants - - -

Mica Ertegun for Architectural Digest

Then a word popped out.

The home of Badgley Mischka
from Elle Decor

"See," and another, "cat,"
and my finger on teacher's
we read "I see cat."

I ran around the room -

from House Beautiful

so happy I saw words -

instead of ants.

I can remember the day I learned to read. It was also the day that a knew that I wanted a library in my home.



Anonymous said…
hahaha. I loved your reading story. I love to read. You are so funny. I volunteer read to second graders once a week. It is a blast, the highlight of my work day. I have my library in my bedroom.
I love this post because our books are central to our home; I always look out for bookshelves in other houses - and I'm often disappointed! Why don't more people keep books?
Teaching my gang to read has been one of my biggest joys as a mother!
Thank you for these great pictures.
Kare said…
Great story!

Reading is the key to all aspects of life. Where would we be without our books. I love books~bookshelves and public libraries. Also, the authors who penned the words.

Beth said…
Books, bookshelves & libraries...what's not to love?
Books breath life into a room... I particularly love dining room/ library combination's. A space to feed your body and your mind...
Tracy Watier said…
Beautiful images. I still swoon over that Michael Smith library.
I'm proud to say that not only did I teach my daughter how to read, I helped her learn to enjoy reading. A big plus when you get to college and have more homework than you ever imagined but still want to find time for your own book list. Like those old after-school commercials used to say, reading really should be "FUNdamental".
Pinky said…
I love Ms. Smart's idea of her library in her bedroom!!!! I just might do that! Thanks! I also taught my children to read, and they read at an early age. It is such fun to see them when they finally recognize WORDS!!! I am an avid reader, and so is my son. My daughter: not so much:):) Loved these pics!
I could curl up for hours in Joe Nye's little library!
LadyeLisa said…
I love a cozy spot to curl up with a book and these images are all quite inviting! Oh, the decadence of TWIN spiral staircases!
I can't imagine a home without books. Impossible! Thats a hotel room. However...i could do with a few less books in my tiny apartment!
Wunderkammer said…
i love the apartment from Thomas Britt beautifull an absolute dream, thank you so much for the pictures regards j├╝rgen
Christybernadet said…
I remember how excited I was when I figured out the word "stomach"! The joys of reading!

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