03 April, 2010

"A Spring in my Step . . . "

The ever-brilliant work of Joe Nye

Good Morning,

You would think that the use of a calendar would be fairly standardized. Well, for the beginning of Spring - you have to accept some flexibility. When can you start wearing linen? White shoes? When does 'the Spring' of textiles and design begin? When do the bright floral decorative pillows come out? When does the fall bedding get packed away?

Is it the first day of seasonal Spring on March 21st? Does one wait until after Memorial Day? Or is Easter weekend the 'starting gate' for pastel colours?

Well, with Easter weekend upon us, let's examine the following for some Spring inspiration . . . .

Table setting. Also from Joe Nye

Roger Banks-Pye

Roger Banks-Pye

Now, let me clearly state that no matter which date you use to greet the beginning of Spring - no white shoes until after Memorial Day. I'm serious. I can see you.

Happy Easter,

ps. And if you want to hear more from me - my interview on The Skirted Roundtable was posted today. Hop over and have a listen!


Linda Merrill said...

Happy Easter Scott! Love the Elaine Griffin Kitchen - always one of my favorite. And the white shoes are definite no-nos. Actually - does anyone ever where white shoes these days?

Lisa said...

Hey there~I enjoy your blog! For me, spring should begin Jan 2nd! After all the darker, warmer colors I am craving brighter, cheerier hues! But living in snow country means that even today, yes today, I have several inches of snow on the ground and more to come.
I think we should change our colors whenever we darn well want to! If I want pale pink in December I can pair it with gold or silver to give it an elegance suitable for winter.
If I want brown in summer I'll make it a broadcloth, not a wool and maybe I'll bring in crocheted lace. And something brighter like coral.
White shoes? Of course, I have a darling pair of sandals in my closet. The next warm day that my toes look good I'm wearing them! There's no sense in a pedicure for me during winter since it's always too cold to show them!
I'm no decorator nor fashion plate, but what feels good works when you're confident about it!
Thanks again for the visit~
I'm a serious blog watcher, but not a faithful contributor in my own blog!

LadyeLisa said...

TS- I'm afraid I must side with Lisa on this one. Using and wearing color (or white) has more to do with where I am than what the date happens to be on my calendar. Not wearing white in Spring might have made sense in London, where the mud would soil ones footwear. However, living in California, when the skies clear, the ground dries and the tulips bloom in March, I'm wearing the shoes appropriate to my surroundings, and freeing my toes from those winter bindings. (Okay, maybe not March, but definitely before the end of May.) I'll just have to endure your disapproving glare!

Ms Smart said...

feeling it. happy spring and weekend. my vote is, white don't come out much at all but defo no till memorial day. black however, is my constant year round.

tartanscot said...

Yay - I love the conversation! Maybe it does have a great deal to do with your environment. I love the idea of using bright colours to counteract the view outside during the winter . . .

Keep the feed back coming . . .

Renae said...

Thank you Scot! Love Joe's work...
Have a blessed Easter! Doing any singing?

tartanscot said...

@Renae - isn't Joe's work just delightful! yay.

Debra Phillips said...

great images scott, happy easter!

wearing white socks as i write this, but not white shoes, too early!

Karena said...

Love white linen, and tee shirts, not shoes though, except sandals!
Scot, I am listeing to you SRT conversation right now!

Art by Karena

tartanscot said...

@Karen - yay! it was such great fun chatting with the girls!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Great SRT interview...I know your home is going to be amazing...looking forward to seeing the reveal.

Developing Designs said...

Love the Joe Nye images. My opinion, for what it's worth, spring is here when it feels like spring! Which, thankfully and happily here, that is right now :) Great post. xo

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