22 April, 2010

"Hey! . . . "


Thanks for those of you who has contacted me - and yes, I'm still amongst the land of the living! Sorry for going 'radio silent' for a few days, it's been almost a week since I've posted - which is VERY unlike me. It's just been a busy, busy week at the office and a wildly productive week here at the house.

Well, to start off this little missive, let's take an alarming trip through the labyrinth of my mental process. So, I'm standing in the shower this morning and thinking - 'I have GOT to get something posted on "Tartanscot" before people send the authorities to my house to make sure I'm alive' - and decided - 'easy, I can just say "hey," and I'll post a picture of a bale of 'hay' (yay, clever. As I said, it was early this morning - and I was still in the shower) and tell everyone how busy I've been - and there you go.

So I'm quietly preparing to give my freshly shorn hair a quick wash - but - now I'm thinking about the hay bales from my childhood on the farm in Mississippi. My brother and I spending hours in the late summer playing in the hayloft of our vintage barn. Hide and Seek. Flashlight Tag. Storm the Castle. Seriously, hours of entertainment. We were under strict parental orders to NEVER play in the hayloft. So, clearly, we played up there ALL the time.

Well, then the thought of those vertical walls of hay bales reminded me of the new grasscloth wallpaper that I just ordered for a project. And of how much I love using Phillip Jeffries Wallcoverings. Their collection is wonderfully vast. The colours are beautiful. I don't think I've ever had a problem with installation. They give a sharp, kinetic energy in every space I've ever used them. And the I also greatly respect the fact that Phillip Jeffries products are very 'earth-friendly.' You know, with this week being Earth Day and everything.

So, we have established several things;

I've had a busy week at the office.

I spend a great deal of my time in the shower sorting through ideas whilst I wash my hair.

I have great affection for Phillip Jeffries Wallcoverings.

And I am, in fact, still alive.

Over and out,

ps. unless there is a pony waiting at the office on Monday morning from Phillip Jeffries, I have received no compensation for this posting. By the way, I'd like it to be a brown pony. Just in case.


Byline said...

How lovely to have those memories. I not only played, but often fell asleep in the hayloft and there would be a huge search party around dusk.

Renae Moore said...

Hey! Whatever it takes for inspiration!
Have a great weekend!

D.B. said...

God, I love a good loop chair! Thanks for the images and come visit The Ranch for more hay making! Most of my best ideas come whilst in the shower or while upside down drying my hair! Viva la morning regime. Glad you are well!

Gina said...

Those friendly looking, round Hay Bales are not "legal" any more in our part of the world. The bales now have to be rectangle in shape. Too many round bales were rolling from trucks while being transported along country roads.
Happy weekend to you!

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