"SF Decorator Showcase, Michael Burg . . . "


Quite often when I visit a decorator showcase, I'm always so excited to get to the top floor. When I was part of the showcase house for the first time (good Lord, almost 15 years ago), we were up there. And I loved it. Often the top floor rooms in these grand old homes were designed to only be used as servants quarters - and so they tend to be small, low-ceilinged spaces, with oddly shaped and/or placed windows, or - in other words - the perfect test of a designer's skills.

So, up the stairs to the top floor I go - because with this myriad of challenges - the resulting designs are quite often some of the most creative spaces in the house. And this year, local designer Michael Burg was clearly up to the task. When offered the small, low ceilinged, dark room - with the tiny french doors and even tinier balcony - he simply stepped back, closed his eyes and saw . . .

A retreat inspired by a marvelous, chic European hotel room . . .
the perfect place to retire after a busy day in a new, mysterious city.
Complete with antique secretary for correspondence.
And cutting-edge, modern electronics . . .

A custom-designed tufted leather daybed.
And antique mortician's chest used as a side table.
(and how much do you LOVE the little corner sink. When Michael began to work on the space, the first question asked of him was, "we assume you'd like us to remove that tired, dirty old sink?" "Don't you dare!" he replied. "It's going to be perfect."

The dark tone-on-tone wall coverings (intricately covering every surface - including the multi-faceted ceiling) give the space even more drama and provide the perfect backdrop for the chic, well-edited furnishings.

And what hotel room would be complete without a collection of toiletries and libations in an antique brass vitrine mounted right above that marvelous corner sink!

getting ready to dive into bed myself,

for more information on the SF Decorator Showcase, click here.


Scott Fazzini said…
WOW, WOW, WOW -I want to move in! I'm off to research more of this great designer. Thanks for sharing, Scooter!
Scott - it was a little tough to photograph because it's such a tiny little space - but he's just a great guy - and a great designer.
Pigtown*Design said…
and the fab wallpaper!!!
I could live in that little space and be happier than a coon in a pine....love it...thanks for the great post Scot!

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