"So I Guess the Question Is . . . "

Photographed by Pieter Estersohn

" . . . is it possible to marry a room?"

Greetings all,

To say that Charlotte Moss is simply brilliant is kind of like that the sun is 'kinda warm.' I never seem to tire of her gracious, lovely spaces. I was flipping through the new Elle Decor yesterday - and I'm not overstating this . . . I actually began to slightly weep at the wondrous sight of this glorious room in Charlotte's home in Colorado. It almost felt like that very first flush of love. Giddy and excited. With some awe thrown in for good measure.

I'm always amazed at the almost visceral impact that a beautiful home can have on those who are fortunate enough to pass through its doors. It speaks volumes about the people who live there. How they see their lives. The things which are important to them.

"... our objects, bibelots, whatnots, and knickknacks-say
the most about who we are. They are as honest as a diary."
- Charlotte Moss

"The combined effect of this splendor is like an aristocratic
family’s historic chalet transported from the Alps to the
Rockies. It’s not the way things are usually done in Colorado,
but as Moss declares, 'One’s taste remains constant, whatever the location.' "

A little tartan. A little Chintz. An 18th century portrait. An antique Carpet.
The combination - priceless beauty.

I cannot begin to recommend the newest issue of Elle Decor strongly enough. It is packed with style and magic on almost ever page.

The crazy work week continues,


Anonymous said…
In answer to your leading question, an enthusiastic "I DO!"
i love anything by charlotte moss too -but even more so the miles redd article! OMG i was in LOVE!
@ADesign - yes, that Miles Redd space is AMAZING!
Thanks for letting us know about the last issue!

Unknown said…
It starts with a vision and takes over from there, soon you realize you are floating on air. Beauty comes in and takes hold and we are smitten with envy and end up beside ourselves with love. Such is life in perfection of interior designs.

Ah yes, I know the feeling well.
gorgeous, love the chintz and tartan combination!
"hmmmm, where is my issue of elle decor?"
5th and state
Karen said…
I'm not crazy about those mirrors for some reason and I usually like a room with them . . .Charlotte Moss knows her stuff, I just find her too formal for me. I'm not sure I am allowed on your blog - I am considering tartan carpet for my kitchen:) Well, in my defense, it is a very small kitchen already with kitchen carpet and it works well out here in the country with many dogs that love to play in the creek!
Thanks for sharing these beautiful rooms! I well know that profound and almost overwhelming feeling that comes over you when viewing a room that goes straight to your heart!

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