19 November, 2009

"My name is Scot Meacham Wood . . . "

" . . . and I've been a bad, bad blogger."

Greetings everyone,

Whew. Wait, I might need to say that one more time . . . whew. It has been a whirlwind few weeks here. There were days a few months ago when I'd have to struggle to come up with a topic to blog about. Days when I'd have to practically search for inspiration. Well - now the new problem is - the desperate search for time to write about the amazing few weeks that I've been having.

Let me try to give you a quick rundown:

1) San Francisco Fall Antique Show Opening Gala (Oct. 28th). I might have seen almost everyone I knew in the span of about 2 hours. And even had the great pleasure of meeting and chatting with the lovely Jennifer Boles from The Peak of Chic and the delightful Emily Eerdmans from her self-titled blog. Did I remember to take my camera? no. But, I promise I was there - and it was wonderful. And, no, I didn't buy anything. But, yes. I thought about it.

2) Another amazing Halloween in San Francisco. Ended up dressed as King Leonidas from the film "300." It was tasteful. well, kinda. and, no, there will be no pictures of Halloween here. lol.

3) Celebrated my own birthday in early November . . . followed by the one year anniversary of "The Adventures of Tartanscot." Did I do anything especially special (well, yes - spent my birthday with some of the most amazing people in my life!), but the blog milestone had to pass unrecognized.

4) Been working like a madman on two large projects with deadlines quickly approaching. This is where a great deal of the last few weeks have been spent. I've been so fortunate with the great clients I've been working with this year. People who truly enjoy that process of transforming their homes. And who do so with a smile and giddy enthusiasm.

5) Working on a little treat for you readers out there to celebrate the holidays. It should be part of a post just after Thanksgiving *fingers crossed* - I'm so excited to share.

6) Oh, and "Dining by Design" opened last night. I am working on pictures - hopefully I should have something by next week.

But, a large part of the last few months has also been focused on the re-branding of my design business. It's always such a struggle to name one's business - because, at the beginning, you don't quite know what it's going to grow to be. I had decided in 2002 that "Thane Studio" ('thane' being an old Scottish word for land holder - clever, huh?) would be the best way to go. In retrospect, I was wrong. lol. People have always thought that my name was Scot Thane. Or that my first name was "Thane." Or was asked the unending questions about the origin of the word. Or been confused in any number of ways by the fact the I hadn't named the business after myself. What can I say? Luckily, you live and hopefully, you learn.

So, as 2009 draws to a close, I've decided to shake things up a bit - to re-imagine my business as I begin a new year of design projects. To be more aggressive about putting a face (my face!) to a business which will now also share my name - Scot Meacham Wood Design - and launching a beautiful new website (please have a look!) to catalogue my work. And because it's been a long hard year - and any excuse for a party is perfectly 'okay' with me - there's going to be a hearty celebration Friday evening - here in the design district of San Francisco.

If you're in the area, please stop by and toast to a new adventure

Scot Meacham Wood Design
Launch Party
Friday, November 20th

hosted by:
411 Vermont Street
San Francisco, CA
from 6 - 8 pm
(click image to enlarge)

The good news is - I am so excited. The better news is - I feel truly confident. The best news is - I'm surrounded by some of the most amazing people who reside on this planet - and I can't begin to thank you for your help and support over the last year.

2010 - here we come,


Brillante Interiors said...

Hi Scot, I love your new website, clean and elegant. Belated happy birthday and blog anniversary (I just published my 100th post,with a giveaway...after a year of blogging). Happy Thanksgiving with lots of tartans, tarts and...tartufi!

La Maison Fou said...

Good for you ol chap! Love the new look & the header, as I have only recently found your site the last several months, Congrats to you!
Love the blazer ( by the way ).
Here's to a new & very mad 4 plaid 2010!
Happiest of holidays to you!

GrannySmithGreen said...

Tonight's the night, my friend! I'm so thrilled and excited for you and your new venture! Have an absolute ball!

(Leonidas--omg! How great! Please tell me that it was more "Meet the Spartans"!)

GrannySmithGreen said...

Oh, and a little late HAPPY BIRTHDAY too!

My Notting Hill said...

Congrats! The launch party sounds like it will be great. Checked out your new site - I am in love w/the white living room with all the red accents. WIth all your positive energy, it looks like 2010 will be a great year!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Love the new header and picture! I just posted something you may like...(always thinking of you, my fellow tartan loving blogger)...


Renée Finberg said...

my, my, my.
you have been a very busy
(yet naughty) boy.

happy birthday... and congratulations on everything else.

i bet i am not your only 'follower' that would like to spank you.
i imagine there is quite a line...
you handsome devil!!


red ticking said...

i am with miss renee... busy boy... birthday boy and we are proud of you!

belated ahppy birthday - mine next week... how time flies... scary...

and your new look is fabulous.... x pam

Laura said...

This is all so terribly exciting...sounds like you have a wonderful 2010 in store for you!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Scott- you are one of my favorite bloggers & designers and best wishes with your new venture. Your new website looks fabulous- congratulations on all your hardwork.

Pigtown*Design said...

Happy Birthday... Happy Launch... All the best in your creative endeavours! I know you'll be brilliant. Raising a cup to your success!

prashant said...

I have only recently found your site the last several months, Congrats to you!

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Anonymous said...

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