14 November, 2009

"Love, Love, Love . . . "

Photography by Tim Street-Porter

Greetings all,

Just a little something lovely to keep one's spirits up over the weekend. This inviting home in the Los Angeles hills with a "European villa-style interior" is from the charming minds of design duo Martynus-Tripp. I love the warm, masculine colour story and the wonderful use of antiques in the space.

" 'There’s a funkiness I think is charming,' Haenisch says of the
breakfast area, which has mismatched barstools, a pair of
circa 1812 lithographs of melons by George Brookshaw and an
18thcentury Dutch tall case clock. Early-19th-century Aubusson, Mansour."

I hope everyone's is having a great weekend. I've been swamped with work this week (in a good way) - and there's some exciting news that I'll be sharing on Monday . . . stay tuned.



Linda in AZ * said...

* What a COZY, COMFY, RELAXINGLY INVITING place to call home~~~it looks so "lovingly appreciated" by its lucky owners... Delightful!

Linda in AZ *

Madison Lane said...

Beautiful blog with a wonderful selection of pictures. I will be adding a link to my blog so my readers can enjoy looking through here as much as I am enjoying it! Love the photos below on the fabric printing.

Kat Gordon said...

Ooooh, can Santa bring me this whole house for Christmas? Pretty please?

red ticking said...

lovely post... and i am on pins and needles waiting for the news!!!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Love those color palettes.

Kathleen (House Things) said...

Inspiring rooms. I, too, love the colors.

Anonymous said...

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