26 January, 2009

"Leaning towards Spring . . "

Good morning,

It's been a bit grim around SF for the last week and I just feel like I need some fresh colours and gracious design this morning. Love the colour palette, the mix of styles, the amazing wall treatment, and the addition of the ethnic print table cloth just to keep things interesting.  Miles Redd at his very best.

and, wow, just love it. Love the lighting, love the furnishings, love the view, and would love to enjoy a meal with good friends in this charming nook.

Ooooo, now I'm hungry,


Anonymous said...


I love the second picture. It just seems the perfect place to gather for a meal.

lovely as always,

LadyeLisa said...

I love how the mirror in the top photo creates another window in the room. This color palette is luscious!

The second photo is wonderful! I love the mix of straight lines vs. curved lines throughout the room.

Paul Pincus said...

i love the first image. perfection.

terrific weblog! cheers, -p.p.

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