11 January, 2009

"Lights, Camera . . . "

Good evening faithful reader,

Please pray fervently for me . . . lol. I've got a TV interview tomorrow afternoon and I have *NO* idea what I'm going to wear. Tim Gaskin of "OUT Spoken" is going to do a segment on my installation at Dining by Design last Novenber . It's been fun spending the last few days thinking about the fun (and horror) of that event. I think it will be broadcast the second week in February, but I'll let you know when the episode airs.

So tonight, in a mad effort to calm my nerves, I've been looking through some old 'inspiration' images that I keep in my files. It's one of my dream projects . . . either as an owner, or (maybe even better) as the designer.

The shots are from Ward Denton/Christopher Gardner's design for Glen Feshie Lodge in Scotland. I'm sure we're all clearly aware of my love of tartan and I love the subtle use of plaid textiles and beautiful antiques. The custom mural from the dining room are images of the surrounding property. I have always been deeply impressed with what Ward and Christopher were able to create.

Off to the closet to try a few more things before bed,


Anonymous said...

Cool. How did everything go? Do you know when it's going to be on?


tartanscot said...

Hey Mark . . . it was actually kinda comedic. Tim wasn't there that day, so the interview was with Donna Sachet (who looked FAB!). I guess I'll have to wait and see what it looks like once it's hit the airwaves.

It is supposed to be broadcast the week of February 9th. I'll post info once I know something for certain.


ArchitectDesign said...

so more importantly -what did you wear? LOL Wish I was a local so I could see it too! you should get the video and post it on your blog!

tartanscot said...

that's the plan . . .

and I ended up wearing an old black wool riding coat with an obnoxious bright pink/white gingham shirt and jeans.

Great Dame said...

Gorgeous images! I'm guessing the tartan is one of the softer toned hunting plaids? Love the combo with the velvet chair and rug.

And congrats on the interview!

tartanscot said...

thanks for the feedback!

as far as the tartans go . . here's what I know:

They are old textiles from Ralph Lauren (I used to work there for almost 15 years, and frighteningly, still remember the names of everything. . . lol)

top photo (on the dining chairs) is Cobblefield Plaid (not sure if it's still available)

second photo, Turnbell Plaid(on the bed drapes) and Knightsbridge Floral(on the window treatment). I think they're both still in the textile line.

Hope that helps!

GrannySmithGreen said...

I just obsessed over the Denton Gardner website. I was so in hopes that they would have more images from THE QUEEN. Oh, well. Those two could work on my house anytime!

tartanscot said...


I worked at Polo here in SF during the same time that Ward was in NY, but never had a chance to meet him . . . he's clearly a genius.

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