02 January, 2009

"How do you solve . . . "

Welcome to 2009. For some strange reason, I've been drawn to these calm, neutral colours of late as I've been flipping through design magazines and checking out new publications online. Maybe it's a desire for the 'cleanliness' of a new year. Maybe it's the monochromatic colours of the winter weather here in San Francisco. Maybe it's a preview of the palette for a new project that's working itself out.

I always love when new clients have a file full of torn out pages from design magazines. It is endlessly fascinating to work through them together and begin to find the 'common threads' that connect them. Sometimes it's as easy as a colour. Sometimes it's the way artwork is displayed. Usually though, it's more obscure . . . it's about the way these rooms make one feel.

As the new year begins, start thinking about the rooms that inspire you. Maybe start collecting images that bring a smile to your face. No matter how grand and meager your surroundings may be, there are always ways to make yourself happier within them.

I keep collecting pictures even though I don't quite know what they will mean. Because when the time comes, I'll see the connection.


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LadyeLisa said...

Thanks for the encouragement to keep collecting pictures. I've often wondered why I do that . . . as it doesn't seem to be "productive." Your words make it seem more like "incubating." Think I'll keep adding to the mix.

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