04 May, 2016

"SMW Home - The Tartan Party Windows . . . "


When I first launched SMW Home last fall, one of my initial goals was to broaden the uses of tartan in interior design.  It's such an iconic textile - but, it also can read much like a highland romance novel if you're not careful with its use.  So after the success of our previous more classically styled "The Scottish Lodge" windows here at the office this winter - I wanted to really open up the parameters and do something brash and bold and almost aggressive.  

Something like this . . . 

Spring 2016
SMW Home "Tartan Party" Windows

I immediately fell in love with the idea of having a party - especially with the launch of our collection of Vintage Barware at SMW Home.  I've never really shied away from using colour and pattern - so mixing bold hues and competing motifs has never scared me.  I also wanted to show even more of our custom and traditional tartans - so creating a canopy of pennants seemed the perfect solution.  Luckily no one was around when I had the 14 foot ladder tucked inside the office with miles of ribbon and a huge collection of custom tartan flags that I needed to create this!  (There was only a mild amount of swearing)  But - in the end - it certainly does feel celebratory!

My Edwardian maid "Mary" also found a new home.  Honestly - I think I'm just going to use her in every window going forward in some way!  She just delights all of us each morning when she greets us on our way into the office.

We ended up with such a great variety of our products in the window that I was able to create a new "Shop the Window" tab on our SMW Home website.  You can now shop the wallpaper, decorative accessories, even some of the furniture

If you're in the area - please stop by and say 'hi' and
enjoy a mid-day party!



Merlin said...

That last photo...FAB!!! franki

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

I can imagine the party...

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