02 May, 2016

"Before and After - The Presidio Living Room . . . "


I know how much y'all love a good before and after story - and this one is especially charming.  It's the living room from the same project I shared a few weeks ago.  Beautiful spaces.  Gracious proportions.  And TONS of light pouring in through an endless supply of windows.  

Here's a peek at the before . . . .

. . . And here is the after!

We used a completely neutral palette for the envelope - sisal flooring, a neutral paint colour, and simple linen window treatments.  But, we got a little punchier once we started to furnish the room.  A mixture of classic leathers with persimmon tweed arm chairs - with just a few pings of yellows and oranges in the decorative accessories.  

I loved this original fireplace - with the classic fan detailing and fluted uprights.  The french doors lead out to the new chic dining room that I shared a few weeks ago.

Once again we were working on a very tight colour story - but, with some very well-placed accents colours of saturated oranges, bright persimmons, and saffron yellows.  The layered Moroccan rug helps to define the main seating area within the larger space - but, also adds another opportunity for pattern and scale.

A gracious writing desk gives purpose 
to an otherwise dormant corner.  There has been a long-going debate about the use of 'brown furniture' in modern design . . . and I'm here to tell you that I LOVE it!  A mixture of antiques can give a new room such amazing emotional depth - and provides a contrast point for the more modern pieces in the room. 

There will be more 'before & afters' from this lovely home . . . so watch this space.  If you want to see the entire completed project - take a look!



Marlis said...

Beautiful and restful room. I love that you added antiques to the room. They always give a room history and make it look collected over time instead of "oh, look at me, I'm a brand new renovation"! JMHO.. but love it.

tammy j said...

you never disappoint.
beautiful layering and some fun touches too...
like the pillows!
and i love the allee picture over the fireplace...
it gives depth and is perfect there.
now if i just had enough thousands of dollars i would insist you
to take the two planes and a private car to get here and do my room. lol! ♥

Merlin said...

Oooh, crystal obelisk, crystal orb, crystal egg (I have!!) The leopard print chairs...hopefully, next!! franki

Ayshwarya Singh said...

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Karen said...

Love this. You always include items that create interest and intrigue...the "story" of this family are included and make the rooms so welcoming.

Scot Meacham Wood said...

hey y'all!

thank you all for your kind comments. I have a bit more of the house to share - so stay tuned!


Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

I like the objects on display on the octagonal (right word?) side table. Very sophisticated. I would break the in an instant, but would love to see them in another person's home arranged like that.

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