10 October, 2014

"The Dark and Stormy Study . . . "

Scot Meacham Wood Design's "The Dark and Stormy Study"
photography by Thayer Allyson Gowdy


I'm delighted to invite you to a sneak preview of our 2014 Traditional Home Napa Showhouse - opening this weekend.  For our "Dark and Stormy Study," we decided to embrace San Francisco's rich maritime history and imagine a retired sea captain and his rustic Napa Valley retreat.

"Sky" painting by Daniel Tousignant

"Scot Meacham Wood of Scot Meacham Wood Design is transforming 
the Napa Showhouse’s historical Cheese Barn into a dark and stormy study 
for a retired sea captain. Influenced by San Francisco’s rich maritime history 
and inspired by the rustic architecture of the Cheese Barn space, Wood 
is taking this opportunity to explore what kind of wine country hideaway a 
dignified seafaring man would create for himself after a life spent 
navigating California’s rocky coast. Removed from the rest of 
the house, the Showhouse’s Cheese Barn is the ideal location for 
Wood to express his creative vision for a 
moody, refined, and masculine private space."

We were delighted to partner with Kravet and Lee Jofa for the maritime-inspired textiles and the marvelous Bunny Williams Lamps that add a flawless note of modernity to our space!  We *love* that heavy-gauge wool throw from Jessie Black - located right here in San Francisco.  I am especially grateful to Garden Court Antiques for the amazing collection of antique pond yacht models which add the perfect seafaring aesthetic for the room.

"To bring Meacham Wood’s design to life, he’s relying on a dark coastal 
color palette of navy, gray, and sand. In addition, he’s utilizing a mixture 
of existing architectural features of the space, like exposed rafters, along with 
bringing in hand built sets to cover some walls to allow for the application 
of wallpaper and paint. The result will be a space that reflects to the 
Showhouse’s historic design and location, while still giving 
Wood the ability to fully realize his creative vision."

If you're in the San Francisco bay area in the next month - make plans to attend the showcase house and view this marvelous collection of interior designers!

For tickets and more information on the showcase house - click HERE.


All images by Thayer Allyson Gowdy Photography


niartist said...

It's GORGEOUS! Absolutely stunning in everyway. Congratulations on a job superbly done! You're an inspiration, for sure!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Congratulations Scot, it turned out so well! The Fornasetti wallpaper (which I adore) with the cloud painting is really stunning and brings the room up a notch. Congratulations again, I wish I could visit the showhouse!

Karena said...

Scot an amazing space! The color palette, the art, Bunny's lamp, that luxurious throw, it all works perfectly. I can feel myself cozy right up!

The Arts by Karena

Dean Farris said...

Great Job!

Now, lets just hope some new clients come out of this!


Karen said...

This room is wonderful. I love it!
Great job.

Merlin said...

See you (and this) in magazine heaven! franki

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...


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