"Partly Cloudy . . . "


When we were first started plotting out our "Dark and Stormy Study" for the 2014 Traditional Home Showhouse in Napa - we were face to face with a dark room - with a low, dark raftered ceiling.  It's not exactly a huge challenge for us to work in a dark space . . . it's actually something that I kinda of enjoy.  As usual - we never try to make a dark space 'brighter' - to the contrary, I really like to take them a bit darker and make them more intimate and private.

"The Dark and Stormy Study" - BEFORE.
Drawing on San Francisco's rich nautical history - we seemed to have started call it "The Dark and Stormy Study" right from the beginning - as I was inspired by the exposed rafter ceiling - that had a certain ship's keel attitude to it.  But, we wanted something that felt much more romantic and moody than just a perky, navy and white sailor's room. 

So . . . . 

We found this AMAZING wallpaper from Fornasetti through Cole and Sons at Lee Jofa.  We were certainly going to have the "dark and stormy" mood well under control with this flawlessly evocative wallcovering!

Here's an image from the west wall during wallpaper installation day.
I can assure you - there were squeals of delight when we saw this!

The completed west wall.
(photography by Thayer Allyson Gowdy) 
But . . . we needed a bit of brightness to balance out the space . . . so we delved into bright "marine blue" linens and classic madras plaids from Lee Jofa and Ralph Lauren Home.

(Photography by Thayer Allyson Gowdy) 

So . . . now we come to "A Piece of Sky" . . . .

"A Piece of Sky" by Daniel Tousigant
through Geras/Tousingant Gallery

The painting is by a dear friend of mine here in San Francisco - Daniel Tousignant
His work always resonates with me.  They are often based on classic 
"old world" motifs - but, presented in a completely modern point of view.  And you
can only imagine the 'squeal of delight' when I first saw it.

I loved this bright, sunny 'window on the world' contrasting against the dark, moody wallpaper.
I knew when we had these two pieces for the room - we were going to be all set. 

Another of Daniel's works.

You might also recognize Daniel's work from the photo shoot
of my own home with House Beautiful last December.
That's another of his pieces hanging in my bedroom.
(photography by Thayer Allyson Gowdy) 

I'll have more 'behind the scenes' posts over the next few weeks!



Anonymous said…

The use of the wallpaper was clever but the art you selected made the entire room perfectly balanced. So delightful to see another one of your creations.

Unknown said…
So fun to see the behind the scenes process and I agree that the wallpaper is perfect. You really do get the feeling you are onboard a luxury yacht.
Karena said…
As a designer,Scot they way you transform the mood of a room amazes me. The art is the icing on the cake! perfection!

The Arts by Karena
Merlin said…
Inspiration...just inspiration!! franki
The Pink Pagoda said…
Scot, that 'Piece of sky' is just stunning! It looks fabulous in that room. What a lovely room! Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful - love your work.

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