"Celebrating 'The Table' . . . "

Lori Cropp - Pennsylvania

Ok.  Now y'all all seem to be getting into the spirit of things around here.  I was at a client's home yesterday decorating their house for the season - and loved taking a quick break every few hours to see all of the wonderful things that y'all are up to.

Here are a few of the entries for our contest from the last few days . . . and there will be many more on Monday.

Daphne Davis - Arizona

Lori Cropp - Pennsylvania

Stacey Copeland - California 
Looking forward to seeing more entries!



These tables are STUNNING. Both of them are just gorgeous, and I adore that blue tablecloth. Killer.
Beth Scanlon said…
Dear Scot, I truly enjoyed your Quintessence Video and the House Beautiful article, your work is beautiful. And speaking of beautiful, the tables in this post are jaw dropping. I believe I have found Lori Cropp on Pinterest and followed her immediately. This enlarged image in Lori Cropp's setting, like the work of Tim Walker, put me very much in mind of the effect your large painting had in previous years Christmas party photographs. Thank you for generously sharing your writing and images. Sincerely, Beth Scanlon
Karena said…
Hi Scot,
Lori's images look like still life paintings, so gorgeous!

The Arts by Karena
Merlin said…
Wow, this is setting the bar (table) pretty high!!! franki
Rebecca R. Dyer said…
I love the tables but can't help but notice no one reads Emily Post anymore . . . always light the candle wicks. I don't know the basis for this but one must light the wicks to be proper. All the best for a candle lit Christmas!
Oh my gosh that first image is stunning! I still haven't finished my decor.

Lee :)
Unknown said…
I like the dinner table. I want to buy this for my new house. I have been completed the Interior design ideas and now time to create it.
katiedid said…
OK....I was thinking about entering, but Lori has my vote already! STUNNING!!!!!!!! I can at least use some of her ideas and that may be prize enough.

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