15 August, 2013

"SMW Lecture Series . . . "


Ok.  Firstly.  That's not quite the most flattering picture that I've ever taken . . . lol . . . but, hey - sometimes when you're in front of a group of people talking about some of the more nitty-gritty aspects of the interior design business . . . things can get a little ugly.

But most importantly . . . in each session (both our 10am and 2pm yesterday) the group was able to honestly talk about some of their struggles . . . and we worked - as a group - to suggest solutions to those common issues of client expectation and understanding . . . and our own abilities to sparkle and impress.

If you're in the bay area - join me for our final lecture in September (I know there are a few seats left for each session!) - you can get details and tickets HERE.  A big thanks to Coupar Consulting and Lisa Davis PR for all of your support and hard help with the series.



Karen Albert said...

I am sure it is a great lecture and that you are imparting very important info, Scot!

2013 Designer Series

Lee Dewsnap said...

I have had far worse photos taken of me...love those tartan pants by the way. Wish you were based closer I would have loved to attend a lecture. My biggest challenge is small spaces.

Lee :)

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