08 August, 2013

"Positive Peer Pressure . . . "


Just wanted to share a bit of what has been on my mind over the last few weeks.  I've been thinking a great deal about the subject of peer pressure.  And frankly, some of this might actually stem from a dinner discussion we had the other night with the parents on newly-minted teenagers - and the struggles that that can clearly bring.

But, I'm not a teenager.  Frankly, I barely even remember those awkward years of the early youth.  I'm an almost 50 year-old man running a design business . . . so you might wonder what manner of peer pressure I could be under.

You see . . . what I've done is try to surround myself with amazing people.  Smart people.  Successful people.  People like this.  And this.  And these people.  And this.   And this.  And this.  And THAT is what keeps me moving forward.  Don't get me wrong - I've always been super ambitious.  But, I also know that keeping company with other successful, ambitious folks keeps me from resting on my laurels too long.



Karena said...

Scot, I suppose you could still add an opinion or even a jest about teens ( oh the stories I could tell!) if warranted and then change the subject when appropriate.

You DO surround yourself with amazing people, who will sometimes have children.

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Merlin said...

Good idea! I've tried, recently, to "hang around upbeat" personalities when I can. It has helped! Thanks for your upbeat bkigs! frabju

sjr said...

I think its important to surround yourself with not just like minded people but those who challenge you to think outside the box and move you from your comfort zone. But most of all, positive folks who touch every aspect of your life. Judging from your list, you have accomplished that and I bet if a poll was taken they would all say you kept them from resting on their laurels! Synergy rocks.

tammy j said...

and i think it also doesn't hurt to have the most generous heart in the business... which you have.
and to also have a natural eye that just sees beauty everywhere and then recreates it in rooms that live.
which you do.

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