"Red, White, and Ralph All Over . . . "


If you're a regular follower here at "tartanscot" . . . then you most likely know I was in New York earlier this week for the book launch of "Designers at Home, Personal Reflections on Stylish Living" by Ronda Carman.

I DO have pictures to put together from the launch party, hosted by none other than Martha Stewart . . . as well as a fun, crowded book signing at The Rug Company the following morning.

But, clearly . . . this is not a post about that.  As is my usual . . . I tend to fly to NY on a red-eye from San Francisco.  Even though flying overnight can by a little gruesome - I just like the idea that I'm making progress even whilst I'm sleeping.  And, for me, there's little better than waking up from a drug-induced slumber to the sight of Manhattan in the morning.

Thusly, I greeted last Sunday morning at the taxi queue outside LGA airport with a quick, flurried ride into the city.  The day was warm and a little balmy (especially for late April) so an afternoon nap fitted into my day very easily.

But, once up.  Showered.  Changed.  Refreshed.  I headed out into the city.  Camera in hand.  With kind of 'no particular place to go.'  Wandering through Central Park.  Visiting the statues on literary row.  Quoting a bit of Shakespeare.  And a bit of Robbie Burns.  Greeting and acknowledging each bust with whatever quote my addled mind could muster.

Before long I found myself over on Madison, in the low 80's, and decided to wander down to Ralph Lauren (on Madison and 72nd) to see what new delight the creative team has spun for the windows.  As a long-time member of the west coast team that installed the windows in San Francisco and Palo Alto - these windows alway bring back a flood of memories.  Late nights.  Even watching the sun come up at the store at times.  Weeks and weeks of planning - all culminating in a detailed story.

I know how much detail and work go into these designs . . . and, at times, I still hanker for the days of window display and design.

So . . . here's a little glimpse at the goings-on at the corner of Madison and 72nd Street.  Cabana stripes and bikinis.  And evening gowns and white lacquer.  Bright sunshine and warm, sultry night.  Red.  White.  and blue.



Karena said…
Really stunning windows Scot. RL really does it up right!

Your launch party reception and book signing must have been fun beyond with Martha Stewart and the Rug Co involved!

Art by Karena
Congratulations on your part in the book. I can't wait to see it and linger over the pages. Thanks for the peek at RL. So classic. True love. :)
Gorgeous windows. Thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
Nobody does it better than Ralph.
Merlin said…
Sometimes I take the DC VAMOOSE bus to "the city" JUST to look at the windows and dream about them all the way back home. I'm even enjoying "Mr Selfridge" on PBS..those WINDOWS!! franki

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