20 May, 2013

"May 19th, 1994 . . . "


There are always those dates that seem to drift on the edge of my memory.  Almost like old phone numbers that spring to mind when I'm trying to think about something else.  And May 19th is one of those dates.

It was the day that Jacqueline Kennedy passed away in 1994.  And like St. Crispin's Day in October . . . or Handel's birthday in February . . . I always seem to recall them after they've already passed by on the calendar.

But, not this year.  I had made a note on my calendar months ago to remind me of the date - as I had some images that I wanted to share . . . and it seemed appropriate to do so in her memory . . . 

You see last September, Drew, Mother, and I were traveling on the east coast . . . spending time together . . . touring the countryside . . . and watching the leaves turn.  And thus, we found ourselves wandering around Newport, Rhode Island on a brisk, fall afternoon.  We had toured through 'The Breakers' and were now working our way back into town when Drew suddenly stopped.  I think mid-sentence.  And pointed at this beautiful little gothic-styled church, St. Mary's Church, on Williams Street.

"Um, this is the church where Jack and Jackie Kennedy were married . . . "

So, of course, my first thought was . . . we gotta get inside.  Let's find an open door.

The space was flooded with light.  Construction began in the late 1840's - and the church was dedicated in July of 1852.  Beautiful stone work.  Amazing carved woodwork.  Glorious stained glass.  And all the romance of that era seemed to pour from every corner.  So here are a few images from the day . . . mixed with some archival pictures from their September 1953 wedding . . .

And this is included . . . well, just because it's lovely.  As many wedding videos tend to be . . .


(editorial note.  clearly, this was supposed to post yesterday.  I was 'off the grid' most of the weekend, and only discovered this morning that it had not posted as scheduled.  But, I didn't want to delay - so here we are.  One day late.)


Drew Poling said...

One of my favorite posts. Beautiful.

Lisa Mende said...

I love this Scot. They truly were an elegant couple. What beautiful pictures. Great post!

Merlin said...

My, did we really live then...it all seems such a fairy tale...and yet it wasn't meant to be. franki

Karen Albert said...

Scot a fabulous cathedral, and our Camelot Couple

Art by Karena

Tracy F. said...

Love this post! I was a huge Jackie fan.

Anonymous said...

I toured this church many years ago! Thanks for the reminder of how beautiful it is! I did a little shout out to your clever room at the Peninsula Showhouse today. LOVED IT!!

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