13 May, 2010

"SF Decorator Showcase, SagreraBrazil Design . . . "

Cecilia Sagrera-Hill and George Brazil


We're continuing our tour through the San Francisco Decorator Showcase with a very fashionable and very feminine retreat. A classic, timeless style - but, with the punch of modern, stylish accessories. A clever combination of subdued hues with aqueous palettes. With cutting edge modern technology. Wicked-cool custom lamp shades. All expressed through the classic clever minds of Cecilia Sagrera-Hill and George Brazil.

"A modern-day interpretation inspired by the 'little black dress,'
this two-room bathing and dressing suite provides
a private retreat for a young fashionista. Every woman needs a
place from which to plan her day, ready herself for
an evening out, contemplate her wardrobe, and
in 21st century style, shop online "
- SagreraBrazil Design

So without further ado - let me introduce you to . . .

The Dressing Room and Bathroom
(click image to enlarge)

I simple adore this little space. The colours are SO bright and cheery. And the inset mirrors used on all of the closet doors not only provides the perfect place to consider one's reflection - but also multiplies the light to create the most delightful place to dress for the day. The graceful vanity holds a new iPad (with a continuous slideshow of the newest clothing from Barneys New York - not a bad way to find inspiration) and the most charming pair of table lamps. If you click on the image to enlarge it - you can see the custom lamp shades - hand cut with sunburst patterns based on the wallpaper. Such a great detail. So wonderful.

The dressing room adjoins this bright bathroom. And I'm loving the fantastic marble surround of the tub - and the chevron installation is just marvelous. Classic. Clever. And just delicious.
You can see more of their fabulous work at the SagreraBrazil Design website.

And just a beautiful detail image from the bathroom.

Also, take a look at my friend Katie's blog postings on the Showcase House too.

We'll continue our tour next week,

for more information on the SF Decorator Showcase, click here.
photo credits:
headshot, Emily Paine
Showcase images, David Duncan Livingston


Debra Phillips said...

loving these tours scot!

that dressing room is divine and your description pulled me into details i might have not noticed.

StylishBird said...

I LOVED their dressing and bathroom. How amazing was the marble installed in the chevron pattern? They told me they used 8 slabs to get the pattern just right. The CM lampshades were top die for also. This was defiinitely one of my favorite rooms! Great pics!

Scott Fazzini said...

WOW -That bathroom!!! The marble installation is just spot-on perfect! S.F. knows how to host a show house!

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